My Back Wheel Sounds Like Helicopter, What To Do?

Though each and every one of us loves buying new cars after a while, those cars turn out to be a depreciated investment as and when problems related to the cars start occurring. What if your back wheel sounds like helicopter while actually driving on the road. It turns out into a liability after a specific period of time. It can be quite frustrating when dealing with those car problems and their repairs. However, it can get even more frustrating when you don’t know the reason behind what is wrong with your vehicle.

It can be an alarming sign for you if all of a sudden your car starts to sound different than usual, especially like a helicopter. If this kind of problem ever arises with your car then you’re on the right page. In this article, we will be discussing this problem in detail.

What Is The Cause Of The Helicopter Noise Coming From The Car?

There could be several things which can cause this problem of helicopter noise. It could be due to the following.

1. Warped Brake Caliper:-

The warped brake caliper can cause the problem of the grinding sound like a helicopter. It causes the rotor to grind against the inside of the disc. Due to this problem, it may even lock up the wheels while putting on the brake. It can be easily noticeable as there is a significant decrease in braking effectiveness.

2. Car With Bad Brakes:-

If your car has bad brakes you will be unable to grip the rotor properly on a surface full of gunk and rust. Due to this issue, it will make your car sound annoyingly like a helicopter.

3. Failing Of Wheel Bearing:-

This problem mostly arises when the car is in motion or taking turns. Because when we take various turns while driving it causes an extra resistance on the one side of the tire while the other remaining tire spins freely. If you are suspecting of this problem then just check which side of your vehicle is making a sound.

4. Faulty Blower Fan Motor Of The Car:-

If there is a cause of this problem in your vehicle then you definitely need to get your car checked by the professionals themselves. It can be a little costly for you when you suspect this problem. Due to this faulty blower fan motor, it will make your vehicle sound like a helicopter when it turns on and off. If your car is malfunctioning it may also speed up and speed down suddenly without any warning while driving the vehicle and it can be really very dangerous.

5. Malfunctioning Of The Car’s Parking Brake:-

The problem of malfunctioning the car’s parking brake is difficult to determine but it can be noticeable if you are able to find out that the emergency brakes are engaged and the regular brakes are not engaged. You need to see a professional for this problem when the car’s parking brake starts engaging and disengaging on its own.

 6. Worn Brake Rotor:-

This problem of a worn brake rotor can also cause the rotor to grind against the inside of the disc. This problem can be easily noticeable as and when your car starts vibrating while putting on the brake or while stopping the car. When this problem arises the brake pad wears down, and it begins to leave a more significant gap between itself and the caliper by causing the pads to hit the rotor closer to the outside.

What To Do If Your Back Wheel Sounds Like Helicopter?

This helicopter noise issue is mostly caused because of the bad condition of the brakes or because of the wheel bearings. You can get this problem fixed but at the times it can be very pricey. Below there are some steps to get your problem resolved.

1. The first thing you need to inspect is whether there is proper tire inflation in the car is their or not because tires make strange noises when they are low or damaged.

2. The Second thing you need to check is the brakes. A bad brake, warped caliper, or rotor. You also need to determine the issues with the parking brake that can cause noises related to the tires rotating.

3. After that you need to look for a dragging or damaged brake pad or shoe and inspect all the hardware. Before driving your car just make sure that your parking brake is functioning correctly.

4. You should look at the working of the wheel bearings if the brakes are working properly for that you will need to lift the vehicle up in order to perform those tests. This is the only way to do a proper visual inspection and is the best way to test the wheel bearings.

5. If your back wheel sounds like helicopter, just call out one of the professionals themselves for diagnosing the sound firsthand who will help you out to fix this issue.


We hope the above-mentioned information will help and guide all the viewers to deal with this problem and We also, except that if you will properly follow these steps then there is no chance of saying that back wheel sounds like helicopter for sure. The above-mentioned information and steps will definitely help you in fixing the helicopter noise issue from the car.

Make sure that you read and follow the details properly or if you have any more doubts or queries related to this problem feel free to comment below in the comment section. We’ll definitely try to reach up to you and help you out as soon as possible.


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