Why Do Battery Light And Brake Light On At Same Time?

When both the warning lights that is battery light and brake light on at same time, there is a high chance that your alternator has started to fail. The battery may still charge but it might not get charged at the required voltage of at least 13 volts. There can also be the other possibilities of a fault with your braking system resulting in increased power consumption, a loose connection, or a faulty voltage regulator.

In this article, we are going to learn more in detail about this problem of battery light and brake light turning on simultaneously.

Why Do Both Warning Lights Turn On Simultaneously?

There are some reasons which are responsible for this problem of warning lights getting started simultaneously. Let’s get a sneak peek into it.

1. Failing alternator:-

When the alternator stops working, your battery will use whatever charge it has, and then the car will stall. Even if you jump-start your vehicle, it will die soon without electric power pumped into the battery.

2. Failing voltage regulator:-

A Failing regulator will either overload or underload your alternator, resulting in your car’s systems not functioning correctly. When your battery light is on it indicates an issue with your charging system, as well as the brake light, which means a fault with the braking system of the car.

3. Loose connection or damaged wiring:-

A loose connection or a faulty wire will make your ECU report a possible fault with your brake and charging systems simultaneously. The wires will start degrading as they start to age. It is worth checking your wire harness from the battery. A damaged wire or a loose connection can cause a short and can damage your car’s components.

4. Faulty braking system:-

Although it is a rare problem, there is a possibility that your braking system has an electric issue, causing the battery light to turn on too.

Can You Drive With The Warning Lights On Simultaneously?

You should not take the risk of driving your car on the road with the warning lights on simultaneously. By doing this you are putting other people at risk. Therefore you should seek advice from a specialist.

What To Do If Battery Light And Brake Light On At Same Time:-

Your car has multiple sensors which monitor and ensure that all the systems are running as intended. The brake light will turn on whenever there is a problem with your braking system, while the battery light will tell you there is a battery charging problem. Hence, the following are some solutions for the problem of battery light and brake light on at same time.

1. The first thing you should do is safely pull over for a quick inspection of your car. Once you have safely stopped, turn off the engine and have a look under the hood for any leaks or see if you can notice a smell of burning wires. A burning smell will usually indicate a broken alternator.

2. You also need to check your brake fluid level because having a low level of brake fluid will display a brake light on the dashboard of your car.

3.  If your battery light and brake light turn on at same time while driving, the first thing you should do is to check for any loose connections on your battery, and at the same time ensure the terminals are not corroded.

4. If everything seems fine, it is essential that you drive the car to a garage before you find any other issue to make sure that it is fixed properly.


We hope the above-mentioned information will help the readers to learn in detail about the problem of battery light and brake light on at same time If anyone has doubts regarding the topic feel free to comment in the comment section we’ll try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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