What Causes A Car To Backfire On Acceleration?

When the engine is demanding power, an intake back-fire explosion can be caused by the fuel-air mixture is too lean. When there is a fuel and air mixture in the exhaust gas line, this results in backfiring. Many modern cars however have Electronic Fuel Injection System To avoid backfires altogether. But are you still experiencing backfires? Are you wondering what causes a car to backfire on acceleration? This article tries to analyse why that happens so read on.

The EFI system in a car is designed to reduce the risk of backfire since it has a good ignition process and fuel supply and also interdependent emission control. However, it may not provide adequate protection for the car from backfiring on acceleration. 

What Causes A Car To Backfire On Acceleration?

If you are wondering what causes a car to backfire on acceleration, here are some reasons that lads to such an issue. 

  • Low fuel pressure: It can be caused by dirty or clogged gasoline filters, a problem in the gas pump, dirty or blocked fuel injectors, etc. It can also be caused by fuel pressure that is not feasible to use and broken or torn fuel pressure regulator hoses. 

  • Imperfect mixtures of fuel and air
  • Incorrect ignition timing
  • Damage to the supplier of clean air leading to the combustion chamber. 
  • A wrong sequence of spark plug wiring and improper use or faulty or dead plugs. 
  • Dirty car carburettor
  • A leak issue in valve intake

  • An encounter problem in the air filter: Dirty air filters cause the ignition system in the combustion chamber to be imperfect and to make popping sounds on the exhaust. 

Checking these combustion parts regularly or making your mechanic do it on your regular maintenance services can help in preventing any backfire problems helping you to avoid asking the question, what causes a car to backfire on acceleration, altogether. 

How Is Backfire Caused?

Car backfiring is caused as a result of explosions at intake that occur due to incomplete mixing of fuel and air as the fuel is very little. As a result, when the exhaust valve opening to start the exhaust process, the heat will face fuel that is slow or can’t burn. 

So when the heat temperature starts burning the fuel, the intake valve opens for suction and it will, in turn, receive a mixture of fuel and air. This results in explosions whose flames are strong enough to ignite and spread the air filter in an instant. 

Thus if you are asking what causes a car to backfire on acceleration, it occurs due to unburnt fuel in the combustion chamber. It only burns after being discharged to the exhaust manifold, which is very hot. Exhaust backfires can also occur due to wrong or late ignition timing. As a result, unburnt fuel and air will lead to the hot exhaust, and explosions occur.

What Happens When My Car Backfires While Accelerating?

An engine backfiring can result in an explosion that is generated by the internal combustion of the engine. Then it will result in the short term loss of power along with a forward motion. In addition to this, there will also be a loud explosion-like sound which can be both annoying and disturbing. In some conditions, however, the backfire might instigate the burst or a flame that will shoot from the exhaust of the car. 

What Problems Can Be Caused By Backfire?

There are many problems that can occur due to a car backfiring while accelerating. They are:

1. Loss In Engine Power

Every explosion in the combustion chamber results in generating power for rotating the engine shaft. However, if explosions do not appear in the combustion chamber, the engine loses its rotating ability. 

2. Fuel Wastage

Every drop of fuel is meant to work as a power to turn the engine shaft. But when there is wastage of fuel while backfiring, this does not happen. 

3. Damage To Engine Components

Engine backfiring is not a desirable situation to be in for both you and your car. This can cause damage to many components in the engine. It can cause problems like damages to Intake hose breaks, torn air filters, exhaust leaks, etc. 

How To Overcome Backfire On Your Car?

It is vital to stop your car from backfiring while accelerating. If it is ignored, your engine will be severely damaged after a while. The first thing you have to do is find out what is the key reason that made your car backfire while accelerating. Here are some measures that you can take to avoid backfires while accelerating your car

1. Check The Carburetor

A carburetor is a device that aids in regulating the airflow into the engine. Further, it looks after the well-organized gas explosions that keep the car moving along. Firstly you have to tune and stable the carburetor to balance the mixture of the gas and air.

2. Keeping Gaskets Safe

Besides all the other fixes, also make sure to keep the gaskets in excellent condition as they help in keeping the required gases and the non required ones outside. A car backfiring while accelerating is possible if the gaskets are unable to function properly. 

3. Examine The Distributor Cap

Examine the distributor cap carefully and assess its condition. If there are any cracks in it or if it is broken, the car can easily backfire. Make your trusted mechanic check the cap and replace it to avoid your car from backfiring. 

4. Look For The Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are responsible for providing the spark needed to ignite the mixture of gas and air. If in case the spark plug has become dirty or is faulty and in a bad condition, backfiring of your car while accelerating is possible. To resolve the problem, Take out the spark plugs using a wrench. Ensure that the pins are at a proper distance from the base of the plug. 


There are a lot of situations where people have complained that it is difficult to find the cause behind car backfiring while accelerating. However, the reasons mentioned in this article are the most commonly seen reasons for a car backfiring while accelerating. 

Make sure to regularly check the engine light, the pressure of the fuel system, airflow sensor,  intake tube, vacuum leaks, and camshaft. Ultimately, it would aid you in maintaining the health and functioning of the car’s engine. Not to mention, timely repairs are a must in case if the car backfires. Likewise, it is recommendable to seek professional assistance for the best results.

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