Why Does My Car Door Locks Keep Locking And Unlocking?

It can be particularly unnerving when your car door locks keep locking and unlocking while you are cruising. Obviously, cars with manual locking systems will not experience this problem. Since once manually locked, a car’s manual door will remain locked until the key turns in the reverse direction. This problem is, unfortunately, common with the ‘modern’ vehicles that have electrical locking systems.

The Reasons Behind Your Car Door Locks Keep Locking And Unlocking?

Faulty door sensors can also cause this problem, and until they are replaced, the system will continue to act up. Worn-out and exposed grounding wires found in the system, which aid in the closing and opening of the doors, can cause this problem, especially if one of the wires touches the body of the vehicle.

Most locking system problems require a mechanic to diagnose the actual source. Find the answers you need on common causes of malfunctioning car locks and more below!

1. Broken Lock Actuator:-

If some unusual noises are coming from the door card area, it is one of the first symptoms of a problem with the door lock actuator. A power door locks operate by a motor and gears. The gears or motor are could be worn out and eventually fail. It can then cause the uncommanded door to lock and unlock. It can even prevent the door from opening completely.

2. Blown Electrical Fuse:-

The central locking system of a car contains a large amount of wiring. Like a home electrical system, cars use fuses to protect the electrical components of the vehicle. When circuits overload with too much electricity, the fuses blow, protecting the vehicle from extreme damage. A blown fuse disrupts the car’s electrical circuit, resulting in minor electrical disturbances, including lock mechanism issues.

3. Broken Wires:-

The average car in the U.S.A. contains over 50 pounds of copper wiring. Without the wiring, power locks would not exist. The wiring routes the electricity from the car battery to trigger the mechanical functions of the locks. When wires wear down and fray, the electrical signals are disrupted, resulting in your car door locks keep locking and unlocking by themselves.

4. Damaged Solenoid:-

Some car locks have a component called a solenoid similar to the actuator. The solenoid is a magnetic component that controls the latch of the lock. The solenoid pulls the latch back into the door when you press the “unlock” and latches when you push the “lock” button of the door or key fob. A damaged solenoid will not latch or unlatch the door properly, leading to jammed locks or a door handle that won’t open the door.

5. Damaged Key Fob:-

One of the most common reasons for power locks keeps locking and unlocking problems can be a weak key fob battery. These days, the key fob has a lot of electronics going on in them. If they are receiving a weak current, then it will mess up the programming. when this happens, the key fob can initiate its own commands to the car for lock and unlock.

6. Weather Conditions:-

The locking system of a vehicle is not entirely weather-proof. Ice or moisture can inhibit locks from opening or closing. Usually, a bit of lock de-icer or hand sanitizer applied to the lock solves the problem.

7. Door Sensor Gone Bad:-

The reason behind the power locks keeps locking and unlocking problem can be a faulty door sensor. It can cause this problem as they control the whole locking mechanism in modern cars. In complex cars like tesla, which have those fancy gull-wing doors, these sensors can be a real pain. Until they are attended to, the locking system will continue to act up. It poses a major threat to the car’s safety.

8. Problem With Body Control Module:-

These days, the BCM, or the body control module is like the brain center of the car’s convenience features. If the BCM has gone bad, then it will cause the car door locks keeps locking and unlocking problems, and a whole lot of other issues with the locking and unlocking. Generally, moisture is the number one cause of the BCM going bad.

Therefore, these are some basic reasons for the cause your car door locks keep locking and unlocking by themselves.

How To Fix The Door Locks Problem?

Step 1:-

The door lock actuator is generally positioned below the latch of the door. It is connected by a rod. In order to repair it, you have to remove the whole assembly by unhooking it. The actuator can be serviced if the motor is jammed. Sometimes the plastic gears break, so in that case, you could plastic weld them, but reliability would not be guaranteed. If the model is common, then you can easily have a second-hand part.

Step 2:-

If the problem lies with the fact that the sensors have collected dirt and dust, then the problem can be fixed by cleaning them. Make sure that you handle the sensors carefully as they are delicate, especially if the sensor is optically based. If the sensors have gone so far, then they should be replaced with new ones. They are an essential safety feature, so they must be attended to soon.

Step 3:-

By replacing the battery in the key fob, the problem is solved. The issue however can be with the key fob itself. In that case, the car dealer will hook the fob to a scanner and make sure that the programming is still good. If there are no signals, the fob will have to be replaced.

Step 4:-

The problem could be simply a blown fuse. In that case, replace the fuse and it will correct the problem. It is a cheap and easy fix. If the wiring is faulty, then get the wiring checked by a skilled car electrician. Corrosion could also be present on the negative grounds, clean them with a cleaner. Make sure that the wiring is properly insulated after repairing.

Step 5:-

There are many independent shops available these days that specialize in BCM and other electronic components repair. If the damage is minor, then it can be easily repaired. But if the damage is beyond repairs, then you have to replace them. The good news is that you get plenty of second-hand and third-party options in the market.

Therefore, these are some steps through which you can solve the door locks issue.

How To Reset The Automatic Lock Function?

To reset the automatic lock function on your vehicle, you need first to follow the same steps used to deactivate it.

1. Insert the key in the ignition and turn the car on.

2. Click the “unlock” button on the door three times.

3. Turn off the car.

4. Press the “unlock” button three times.

5. Turn the car back on.

6. Wait for the horn to chirp to indicate programming mode has started.

7. Press the “unlock” button, then press “lock.” The horn will honk twice, indicating that the auto-lock has re-activated.

8. Turn the ignition off and wait for the horn to issue a confirmation honk indicating the approved programming change.

9. Always test the locks to verify that the system has reset. If the automatic programming engages while driving, take the car for a short drive to confirm the locks work. Or, if locks engage after the vehicle is off after a specific length of time, wait in the car until the locks engage to confirm programming has stuck.

Do Car Doors Normally Lock Automatically?

Sometimes cars do come with an auto-lock function. This feature is a safety asset. Auto-lock usually engages when a vehicle reaches a certain speed. Some cars also lock themselves after being turned off for a specific length of time as theft prevention.

How Much Does It Take To Repair Automatic Door Locking System?

Most lock actuator replacements or repairs cost between $250 and $350. The part itself ranges around $200, with the mechanical labor making up the remainder of the cost. The extent of wiring or fuse damage determines the cost of the repair. A single fuse may cost around $100 to $150, while wiring ranges between $1,200 to $1,500.

Solenoid replacement or repair generally costs anywhere between $200 to $700. The price change depends on the amount of labor involved in the replacement.

Key fobs generally cannot be repaired if programming has failed. Instead, the key fob needs replacing at a dealership or car locksmith. The complexity of the programming and rarity of the vehicle determines the cost. Most key fob replacements cost between $50 to $100.


If the power locks keep locking and unlocking, then it could be a serious issue and can compromise safety. you should get the issue fixed as soon as possible. Cases are present where the door has even opened itself while driving on a highway, causing a danger to life.

We hope the above-mentioned information about the car door locks keep locking and unlocking will be helpful to all the readers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section below. We’ll definitely try to solve your doubts as soon as possible.

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