Why Car Makes Thump Sound When Driving?

Ever had to face an issue with your car where the sole reason for why that issue is happening is not obvious? It can be frustrating to have to face such an issue with your car as finding the reason can be hard work.

Oh, are you saying that your car makes thump sound when driving and you don’t know why it does so? Don’t worry! You are in the right place. This article analyses the most common reasons why such an issue arises so read on!

Why Car Makes Thump Sound When Driving?

Are you noticing that your car makes thump sound when driving? Are you finding the sound very annoying and are you frustrated because you can’t seem to find the reason why this is happening?

1. Worn Wheel Or Tire

The most common reasons why a car makes a thumping noise while driving is a worn or damaged wheel or tire or a shifted belt. Or the air pressure in the tires may be too low. You probably need a wheel or tire replacement as soon as possible. Having tires that have recommended pressure and in top conditions with tread is very crucial to keep your car and yourself safe while driving. Thus, uneven wear in your wheels or tires shouldn’t be something that is ignored. Deal with the issue right away to avoid any problems including accidents and keep yourself and your car safe.

2. Problems In The Suspension System

If you feel that the thumping noise of the car is coming from the front end of your vehicle, the suspension system of your car may be faulty. Loose or worn suspension components can be a major reason why your car makes thump sound when driving. This issue is also not something to be ignored, so get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

Even a road surface that appears to have a very smooth surface will have some irregularities that have the shocks/struts moving up and down slightly. This can increase as you increase the speed of your car. So if your car makes thump sound when driving, inspecting suspension components such as ball joints and bushings will help in understanding the reason for the issue.

3. Weak Or Broken Transmission

Another reason that makes your car make a thumping noise while driving is a weak or broken engine and/ or transmission mounts. In case there is a weak or broken transmission or engine, it can be contacting some other parts or areas which it shouldn’t be doing. In such a situation, you can notice that your car makes thump sound when driving.

If you suspect any of this to be the cause, it is best to get your car inspected as soon as possible and avoid any further damage to your car.

Are You Noticing Some Other Noises From Your Car?

Other than thumping noises, are you noticing some other noises from your car? Or are you noticing other sounds and nut thumping sounds from your car?

Car can make all sorts of noises just like thumping noises. Some can be very simple and normal while some others can be indicators to let you know that something is seriously wrong with your car. Here are some of the common sounds that your car can make and the issues that they may be indicating.

1. A High Pitched Squeal When Accelerating

Are you hearing a high pitched unbearable squeal when you are accelerating your car? Is this happening when you are just warming up? If so the most common reason for the issue is a loose or worn fan belt. In case your fan belts are worn, you have to replace your timing belt as well. If you are noticing this sound, you should service your vehicle as soon as possible as this is a matter of your safety. Ignoring such an issue also can make matters worse which will mean you have to spend more money on repairs.

2. A Thumping Noise While Accelerating

If you notice your car making an annoying thumping noise while accelerating, the problem is most probably with your starter motor mount or transmission mount. They may probably be broken or worn out. Have your trusted mechanic check the issue to diagnose what the issue is and get it replaced or repaired immediately.

3. A Thumping Noise When Slowing Down Or Braking

If your are hearing loud thumping noises when you are braking your car, you can conclude that your car’s brake rotors are warped. If you notice such an issue, repairing it must be your priority. Your safety shouldn’t be compromised at any cost. Driving your vehicle with damaged brakes can be a potential cause of car accidents.

4. A Hissing Noise While Idle

If you are noticing a hissing noise from your car while idle, it usually means that one or more of your hoses are cracked or have come loose. The noise may at times be accompanied by steam from under your hood and or rising heat of your car engine. If you notice such a situation, get your car fixed immediately as ignoring it can be both hazardous for your safety and can further damage your car.

5. Your Brakes Make Mettalic Noise When Applied

Are you frequently hearing a metallic scraping noise from your brakes when applied? This can mean that your car’s brake pads are worn and need to be replaced. This can be the most dangerous situation to be in and never put off such an issue for later. Brakes are one of the most important safety features for a car or any vehicle for that matter, so any issue in them should be taken very seriously and appropriate action must be taken as soon as possible.

6. A Whining Noise From The Front Of Your Car

Hearing an annoying whining noise from the front of your car? A steady whine coming from the front of your car is the most probable symptom of a low power steering fluid. A mechanic can easily repair such an issue and all of your vehicle’s fluids can easily be replenished with a full tune-up service.


If car starts making thumping noises or any of the other mentioned noises, it cannot be a good sign. They are a way of your car letting you know that it is unwell. Getting your car checked and repaired should be your priority in such situations. It can help you stay safe and save a lot of money. Hope your found this article helpful in finding the answers you were seeking.

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