Car Pulls To The Right When I Let Go Of Steering Wheel?

Everyone behind the wheels wishes for a good drive every time one starts the car. But are you facing an issue as the car pulls to the right when I let go of steering wheel? Then that is something that completely takes away the good experience you are seeking. 

You would know if there is something wrong with your vehicle if you are using it daily. And your car turning right when you let go of the steering wheel is a condition that won’t go unnoticed. There could be some reasons why your car is acting this way to let you know that something is wrong with it. This article discusses some potential causes of this issue so read on!

Car Pulls To The Right When I Let Go Of Steering Wheel: Why?

If you are facing the issue, a car pulls to the right when I let go of steering wheel, your car may be trying to let you know that there is something wrong with it. Now it is your turn to identify the cause and do the needy. Here are some potential causes of why your car is pulling to the right when you let go of the steering wheel. 

1. Misaligned Wheels

If you are facing the issue car pulls to the right when I let go of steering wheel, wheel misalignment is one of the top reasons. When your wheels are misaligned, your car is unbalanced and the wheels are uneven. Your steering wheel refuses to go back to the standard position after you let it go and your car pulls to the right. This would create a very inconvenient driving experience as you have to pull back and steer in the opposite direction to keep a straight line. Misalignment of wheels usually happens over time when the wheels wear off.

How To Fix?

You will have to fix an appointment with your mechanic to get the wheel aligned. This is something you need to do regularly as it helps in maximizing your car’s life. It will also improve your car’s overall performance and will stop your car from pulling to the right or in one direction. 

2. Uneven Tire Pressure

Uneven tire pressure can be another reason why you notice the issue, a car pulls to the right when I let go of steering wheel. You have to check all your tires when you notice such an issue. Uneven tire pressure can affect the way your car leans and rests. Overinflated and underinflated tires will affect the balance of your car. Underinflated tires specifically have an increased rolling resistance that can cause misaligned wheels. Uneven tire pressure can be easily fixed by adding air to your tire if it’s underinflated or removing air if it’s overinflated.

How To Fix? 

It is always recommended to check your tire’s pressure regularly. If you find one or more of your tire’s pressure low, get it filled with air as soon as possible as driving with uneven tire pressures is a safety hazard. You also should have an idea of what the recommended pressure for your vehicle’s tire is. 

3. Brake System Problem

Another usual culprit when you are having the issue, a car turning right when you let go of the steering wheel is an issue with the brake system. Callipers apply pressure to the brake pads which is essential in bringing the car to a stop. Even if you release the brake pedal, the brake pad will continue to make contact with the rotors if the callipers are stuck. This in turn will cause your car to have a change in steering or pulling in one direction. You can confirm that this is the reason if you notice a burning smell or grinding noises created by the brake pad along with the issue. 

How To Fix?

Never ignore when your car has brake problems. This issue is very serious and is a safety hazard. You should have your mechanic check your brakes as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to fix or replace the parts if needed. 

4. Torque steer

Torque steer is something that usually affects front-wheel drive or FWD vehicles. The car pulling to one side mostly occurs due to hard acceleration. This happens when the wheel pulls to one side because the shorter shaft experiences torque gains more than the wheel with a longer shaft. This situation mostly only happens when your car’s acceleration is increased. A lot of factors causes torque steer. It could be a weak tie rod, a loose steering element, too much movement of the ball joint, lower control arm bushing failure, or a damaged motor mount.

How To Fix?

Since the torque steer can be caused by a lot of issues, it is better to get your car checked by a professional to avoid any other further issues and safety hazards. Broken components can be repaired or replaced and you might have to install a limited-slip differential, intermediate drive shaft, and track bars. 

5. Suspension System Problems

The suspensions system components of your car are subject to wear with time. Worn suspension parts tend to change positions when you apply brakes or let go of your steering wheel. The worn parts can include components like struts, shocks, ball joints or worn lower control arm bushings that make the arm shift or move and eventually changing the position of the wheel which causes your car to pull to one side. 

How To Fix?

In such a situation, approach your trusted service centre and get the parts fixed or replaced as soon as possible. You also must follow a scheduled service and maintenance to avoid such issues affecting you in the future. This will help you save a lot of trouble and money. 


Having a car that is in tip-top shape is something every owner wants. However, issues like a car pulling to the right when you let go of the steering wheel are something that becomes an obstruction to your wish. This article has analysed some common reasons why this happens to help you identify why the issue happens to you. Hope you found the article helpful!

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