How Can I Prevent Dust Storms Car Damage? 

We know that floods can cause quite a lot of damage to your car which are at times even irreversible. The case is not much different when it comes to sand storms either. Dust storms car damage can also be as fatal as flood car damage, sometimes even more fatal. Therefore taking several preventive measures to avoid your car from getting damaged by dust storms is very important. This article discusses the several damages your car can get when it becomes a victim of a dust storm and how to prevent them. 

What Damages Can A Dust Storm Cause My Car?

A lot of people are ignorant of the damage that sand or dust storms can cause to your car. This ignorance and lack of knowledge about car damage are what results in huge damage sometimes. Thus knowing what all damage can happen to your car if it is affected by a sand storm is important. 

Here are a few damages that can happen to your car if it is affected by a sand storm.

1. Paint Job

Paint job damage is one of the most important among other dust storms car damage. Those who have experienced a dust storm may know how heavy it is, sand and dust blowing heavily all over the place. This sand gets stuck in your car and if it is not dealt with as soon as possible, the damage may be irreversible. 

2. The WindShield

Like mentioned, in a dust storm, the dust and sand will be blowing heavily all over the place. Mush like the paint of your car, sand and dust can cause damage to your windshield as well. This can lead to the overall weakening of your car’s windshield. 

3. The Air Filter

The Air filter of your car is responsible to filter dust and sand from entering your car. During a dust storm too, the air filter has to do its duty. But due to the huge amount of dust and sand moving around, it is only natural that the air filter gets blocked or clogged. The clogging of the air filter can result in reduced airflow to the engine, which can lead to overheating and internal damage to your vehicle. Dust buildup in particular can also clog your cabin air filter and diminish engine oil quality, resulting in a need for more frequent vehicle maintenance.

How To Prevent Dust Storms Car Damage? 

Dust storms can occur almost any time of the year so in most situations, they are not regarded as a natural disaster especially in countries with a lot of deserts and such. But they can be just as destructive as other severe natural disasters. 

It is always better to prevent dust storms car damage than deal with it after the damage is caused. You will have to spend thousands of dollars to get the repair done otherwise. Below are a few tips to help you protect your car from dust the next time an unexpected storm passes by.

1. Stay Up To Date On Local Weather

Make it a habit to get a regular update on local weather. There are several mediums like TV’s, radios and even mobile apps that broadcast the local weather continuously. If the weather says that there may be a potential dust storm on a day, avoid going out of your house that day. If the weather forecast comes with the update of a potential dust storm when you are outside with a car, pull over in a covered garage or parking lot or any other covered area and avoid the sand storm.

2. Covered Parking

Your best bet will be to park your car in a covered parking spot or a garage to avoid any dust storms and car damage. Whether it is a garage or a carport, this type of structural cover will safeguard your car from any damages such as dents, chips, or cracked windshields. If you suspect a dust storm later in the day while you’re away from home, try parking in covered areas around you, either at work, school campuses, or shopping malls.

3. Find A Temporary Shelter

If you are outside your home when you get the dust storm warnings, pull over somewhere safe. Find a covered, temporary shelter for both you and your car. There may be temporary shelters in the form of public parking garages located in shopping malls or school campuses. Pulling over to gas stations, or underneath a freeway overpass can also be another form of immediate temporary shelter. Lastly, as a last resort, you can park next to big buildings opposite of the direction that the dust is coming from. 

4. Get A Car Cover

If your house lacks a garage, it is better to get a car cover for your car. This will come in handy, not just during storms but during other natural phenomenon like hail storms or rain. You can also carry a car cover along with you when you are out, so you can cover your car if you couldn’t find a properly covered shelter. Car covers are specifically made to protect your car from damage and are available at most auto shops as well as online. Make sure you get a car cover that fits the specifications and measurements of your car providing you with complete coverage. While car covers do not necessarily mean you won’t suffer from any damage, having one can reduce the impact on your vehicle.

5. Get Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

It is always better to have good insurance coverage for your car. If not dust storms car damage, there can be other damages that can happen to your car as well. One thing you can do to prepare in the case of a dust storm is to make sure you have comprehensive coverage through your insurance provider. This kind of coverage can save you when it comes to damage as you will be covered through your policy and minimize your out-of-pocket costs. Make sure you double-check your policy to see if comprehensive coverage is part of your policy.


Dust storms can do significant damage to your car if avoided. It is better to prevent dust storm damages than to go to do repairs which will cost you a fortune. This article has explained the several damages that dust storms can cause your car and how to prevent. Hope you found it interesting! 

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