How To Charge Car Battery With Another Car? [Tips And Tricks]

You may become stranded at the most inconvenient moments due to a dead automobile battery. However, there is a straightforward fix that will quickly get you back on the road: jump-starting your automobile using another vehicle. This technique entails connecting a dead automotive battery to a working one using jumper cables.

This article will show you, step-by-step, how to jump-start a car safely and how to charge car battery with another car. Let’s get a piece of in-depth knowledge about the topic.

How To Charge Car Battery With Another Car? [Tips And Tricks]

Sometimes, the batteries in your car can die, leaving you stranded and annoyed. But don’t worry! You can quickly jump-start your dead battery and resume driving if you have access to another vehicle. This post will show you how to charge a car battery with help from another vehicle step-by-step. You can get back on the road right away with a few basic tools and safety measures.

1. Prioritise Safety First:

Safety should come first for you before you start. Ensure that both vehicles are in a secure area, away from other vehicles, and on a level surface. Put the parking brakes on both cars and turn off the engines.

2. Obtain Required Equipment:

A working car with a charged battery and a set of jumper wires are required. Jumper cables are widely accessible online and in-car supply stores.

3. Determine The Terminals:

Locate the battery terminals by opening the hoods of both vehicles. Positive (+) and negative (-) terminals are typically marked on electrical devices. If necessary, wipe them clean because they could be covered in rust or dust.

4. Connect The Jumper Cables:

To properly connect the jumper cables, follow these instructions:

  • Red To Positive:

Connect the red (positive) jumper cable’s one end to the battery’s positive terminal.

  • Red To Positive (Again):

Attach the other end of the red jumper cable to the positive terminal of the functional battery.

  • Black To Negative:

Join the black (negative) jumper cable’s one end to the battery’s negative terminal.

  • Black To A Grounding Point:

In the engine bay of the dead automobile, locate an unpainted metal surface and connect the other end of the black jumper cable to that instead of the negative terminal. By acting as a grounding point, this lowers the chance of sparks.

5. Start The Operating Vehicle:

To allow the dead battery to charge, start the car with the charged battery and let it run for a while.

6. Start The Dead Car:

Try using the dead battery to start the car. Give it some more time to charge if it doesn’t start the first time before trying again.

7. Remove The Jumper Cables:

Carefully remove the jumper cables in the following sequence after the dead vehicle has started:

  • Remove the black jumper cable from the dead battery’s negative terminal or the grounding point.
  • From the functional battery’s negative terminal, disconnect the black jumper cable.
  • From the positive terminal of the functional battery, disconnect the red jumper cable.
  • Remove the red jumper cord from the dead battery’s positive terminal.

8. Let The Car Go:

Give the car’s battery, which was previously dead, at least 15 minutes to run. This will aid in recharging the battery even more.

9. Travel To Refuel:

To give the alternator enough time to properly recharge the battery, take the car for a 20 to 30-minute drive.

Therefore, by following these step-by-step guides. You’ll get your answer to the query on how to charge car battery with another car. It can help you to easily navigate through the situation easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now, after learning about the practical steps to charge your car battery using another car. Let’s now take a dive into some frequently asked questions to get a better understanding of the topic.

1. Can I Jump-start My Dead Battery With Any Kind Of Car?

Ans. Ideally, you ought to utilise a vehicle with a battery of a comparable voltage to your own. Use a different vehicle with a 12-volt battery, for instance, if your automobile has a 12-volt battery.

2. How Frequently Should I Change My Automobile Battery?

Ans. The typical battery life of an automobile is three to five years. However, environmental conditions and driving practices may have an impact on their lifespan.

3. If My Car’s Battery Is Fully Dead, Can I Jumpstart It?

Ans. Before attempting to start the automobile, you might need to leave the jumper cables connected for a longer period of time if the battery is fully dead.

4. What Happens If My Car Still Won’t Start After Being Jumpstarted?

Ans. If jump-starting doesn’t work, there may be other problems, such as a bad starter or alternator. In such circumstances, it is advised to consult a mechanic.


The simple method of charging a car battery with another vehicle will spare you the aggravation of a dead battery. Every motorist should be familiar with the useful skill of charging a car battery with another vehicle. You can jump-start your automobile safely and successfully by following these easy instructions and safety precautions, allowing you to continue travelling without any problems. Always put safety first, and have a safe trip!

We hope you’ll have gained an insight into how to charge car battery with another car. If yes then, please share this article with car enthusiasts. Anyone with additional questions is welcome to contact us. Thank you!

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