How To Expand Car Radio Frequency In My Car?

It can be annoying when your car’s radio fails to provide you with the FMs that you prefer. If you are facing such a situation, you may be hoping that there is something you can do to increase the reception of your car’s radio. And yes, there are things you can do to get the FM radios you love in your car. This article discusses how to expand car radio frequency so read on!

How To Expand Car Radio Frequency In My Car?

Many car radios find it difficult to pick up a weak signal frequency properly even in a good location. This will not allow your car radio to expand the frequency. But worry not here are ways on how to expand car radio frequency your car. All you need to do is to put in an effort and follow the steps mentioned below carefully. This will let you listen to your favourite FM stations in your car.

The first method you can adopt in how to expand car radiofrequency is reducing Interference. Here are the steps you can follow to successfully increase the reception if your car radio

1. Switch To FM mono

Most car radios may have a separate option that lets you choose the FM mode. You have to make sure that this mode is on before following the step further. The FM stereo is the standard way to play a radio broadcast with stereo audio. It is what is used by most radios today which has FM/FM stereo.

The process of converting an FM signal to stereo usually results in the degradation of the noise/signal ratio. This means the signal is worse in stereo. On some radios, this can make a very big difference. You may have even noticed that your car radio at times switches to mono. Thus, for the best signal, you have to switch to mono. This may be one of the reasons why people claim radio reception was better before the late ’60s, which was when FM stereo was invented.

2. Turn Off Nearby Electronics

It is seen that if there are many other radio signals nearby, this will result in your car radio receiving a lesser frequency. So it’s better to switch off any other interferences like laptops, mobile phones, portable WiFis, etc. that are present in your car. The difference will be small or huge depending on the strength of your radio and how far you are from the other interfering electronic devices.

3. Change Your Location

Radio signals may vary from location to location. So it may be that the signals of the FM channels you love are not strong in the location you are in right now. So a key step in how to expand car radiofrequency is changing your location. This may not always be possible though but it’s worth a try. There can be many things around your car that act as an obstruction for the radio signals to reach your car’s radio. This is why the reception varies from location to location. However, this step may not help you in the long run as it cannot in any way increase the reception of your car’s radio.

4. Replace With A More Powerful Radio

You play your car FM radio when it is usually travelling at a relevant speed. So unlike portable radios, car radios need to be more powerful to catch and convert signals for us. The location of the car keeps changing and only a powerful radio will have a good frequency reception. The radio must be built to high standards, otherwise, the radio would have frequent interference on the road. Your car radios must also be powerful enough to resist any interference from your car’s engine.

If you are not willing to replace your old radio with a new one, you may have to take the necessary steps to fix a roof-mounted antenna for your car radio so it can pick up a station well.

5. Check If The Car Antenna’s Mast Is Extended

Your car’s radio reception may be low if the manual antenna mast is pushed in. It can be pushed in because of several reasons. Checking the antenna and pushing it out and adjusting can be a very important method in how to expand car radiofrequency. The main function of an antenna is to pick up radio waves and if it is shoved in, it won’t be able to perform this function well. Thus sometimes all you might need is to pull up or adjust the antenna to expand your car’s radiofrequency.

6. Check Your Antenna Connections

Poor car radio reception can also be because of loose or poor antenna connection with the radio. If the antenna cable is poorly seated in your head unit, or any of the connections are loose, worn, or corroded, you’ll often find it difficult to tune into your favourite station. You may have to check the connections between the antenna cable and the back of the head unit if it is intact or not. If the connection is loose, you’ll probably notice the tuner drop and then reacquire the signal. If that happens, you should tighten the antenna and check the grounds.

7. Get A New Antenna

If your antenna is corroded or broken, your car radio may find it difficult to receive radio waves. They may either only play a few channels or won’t play anything at all. This would depend upon the severity of the problem in your antenna. In this case, replacing the antenna may help you expand the car’s radiofrequency. Since rust and corrosion can prevent the antenna from making a solid connection with your head unit, simply replacing the unit will often result in better reception.

8. Install A Signal Booster

Several companies bring different types of radio signal boosters to the market. Finding the best of the lot and installing one will help in expanding the radio frequency of the car. However, boosters won’t do anything for you if the signal degradation relates to obstructions like tall buildings and hills.


Not being able to listen to your favourite FM stations while on a road trip can be distressing at times. This article has discussed many methods that you can adopt to expand the radio frequency of your car’s radio system to help you avoid distress. Hope you found it helpful.

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