Tips On How To Find Hidden GPS On Car

There are several vehicle tracking devices that are available in the market now. These devices are used by people like detectives who wish to track your whereabouts for some purpose. There can also be cases where some private companies or the general public use these trackers for their personal interests.

Such situations are undesirable and they are methods that threaten your right to privacy. This article discusses how to find hidden GPS on car so read on to protect your privacy!

What Are GPS Trackers?

GPS Trackers are equipment that is capable of tracking your whereabouts. They use GPS or cellular technology to determine the location of a person. They are sold online by various sources that sell spying devices. Some online retail stores that sell electronic equipment also sell such devices. 

There are two main types of vehicle tracking devices:

  • Monitored GPS Tracking Devices: They are used to transmit real-time data about the location of a person. These devices are mostly battery operated and have a sensor that determines when the tracker is switched on and initiates power and signal then. The tracking data can be set to be sent to an internet-connected computer or smartphone.

  • Unmonitored GPS Tracking Devices: These devices operate as handheld GPS device. These trackers are made to collect waypoints at set time intervals as coordinates for plotting later. These are cheaper than the other ones.

How To Find Hidden GPS On Car?

Do you suspect that there is a hidden GPS on your car and is that what made you search how to find hidden GPS on car? Then you are at the right place for below are the steps to find a hidden GPS on your car. 

Step 1: Know What You Are Looking For

GPS Trackers if you have not seen one before, looks like a small box with magnetic sides. It at times may have an antenna or light on it. These are usually small devices, around three to four inches long, two inches wide and an inch or so thick.

If these devices are used to spy on you, they may be well hidden so make sure you have a spotlight or torch to help you look at every dark corner of your car. Purchasing an electronic sweeper and a telescopic mirror will come in handy while doing the steps involving how to find hidden GPS on car. 

Step 2: Perform A Physical Inspection

You will have to try and exert effort to find a hidden GPS tracker on your car. 

1. Check The Exterior

You have to check all the locations, especially those that seem well hidden to find the tracker. Use a flashlight to check both the front and rear wheel wells. You can also use your hand to feel in areas that are not easily visible. Looking beneath the undercarriage can also be helpful. You can use a mirror or an extendable pole to look far underneath your vehicle. It is obvious that your undercarriage can get very dirty and so the GPS tracker may also be very dirty. It takes a keen eye to spot a tracker so check well. 

Make sure to look behind bumpers even though they don’t have enough space to hold a tracker. However, if there is any, it would be an ideal place to keep a GPS tracker. Don’t forget to inspect under the hood. Make sure to look for trackers stuck to the strut towers, the firewall, behind the radiator, or hidden among the battery, air ducts, and other components. Keeping a tracker under a hood is not very ideal as it would be prone to varying extreme temperatures. 

2. Inspect The Interiors

Some trackers are devices that can be plugged straight into the data port so check if there is a small black box plugged in there. If so, you can easily remove it. Check in the trunk and may be under the spare tire as well which can cover a GPS tracker easily. 

You can use a flashlight to thoroughly check under seats for devices that look out of place. Also, look at the edges of the seats and under the floor carpets. Feel for any lumps anywhere on the floor. Also, inspect under the dashboard for magnetically attached suspicious devices that are not neatly wrapped into the vehicle’s harnesses. 

You can be creative and think where you might hide a GPS tracker if you have to and check the locations that you suspect. This is a key method that you can use while following the steps for how to find hidden GPS on car. 

Step 4: Use An Electronic Sweeper

You may have seen an electronic sweeper in spy movies and such. They can be purchased online or at surveillance supply retailers. An electronic sweeper works by checking the presence of a radio frequency transmission or a cellular signal transmission and indicates its existence to the electronic sweeper’s user. They are capable of scanning for a wide range of radio frequencies and alerts you of nearby signals using an audible tone, flashing lights or vibration. 


Turn the electronic sweeper on and walk around your car or maybe place it near places where you suspect the presence of a GPS tracker. The tracker will let out a light, vibration, or audible signal if it finds the presence of a GPS tracker.

Step 5: Seek Professional Assistance

There are many industry professionals who can help you detect a GPS tracker in your vehicle. You can seek help from any of these professionals.

  • Alarm system installers
  • Audio system technicians
  • Licensed mechanics specializing in electrical systems
  • Remote start installers

Or you can seek the help of a private detective who may have a clear idea as to where to check and how the device looks. 


If you end up finding a GPS tracker on your car, remove it immediately and maybe conduct further investigations as to why or how someone placed a GPS tracker on your car without your knowledge. Hope this article has helped you find the GPS tracker that was placed in your car without your knowledge!

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