How To Get Car Unstuck From Snow? [Step By Step]

Are you living in a country where constant heavy snowing is a common occurrence? Then finding your car stuck in a pile of snow early in the morning or in a parking lot somewhere can be very frustrating. You may find it difficult to get your car out of snow and may also be annoyed because you have to do hard work to get your car out of snow. 

Yes, you might have to put in the effort to get your car out of snow. But this article is going to help you and put you out of your misery at least a bit by explaining how to get car unstuck from snow. So read on!

How To Get Car Unstuck From Snow?

There are a few methods and steps that come under how to get car unstuck from snow. This article discusses two such methods and it’s steps in detail, so read on! By removing snow from around your car, helping your car gain traction, and carefully driving your car out, you’ll have a better chance of getting your car out of the snow.

1. Removing Snow And Readying The Ground

The first method you need to follow in how to get car unstuck from snow is of course removing all the snow around your car. 

Step 1: Dig Out Your Car

You will need a shovel and some similar tools to perform this task. Using a shovel you have to get into removing all the snow around your vehicle. You have to remove it until you can see your vehicle’s tire. There may be ice too in between so be beware if it

  • In very heavy and/or deep snow, you may have to prioritize your efforts. Be sure to dig out enough snow so you can get in the car.
  • You may not have to remove textured ice. Rough ice will add traction, so it is usually not worth removing such ice.

Step 2: Check The Tailpipe Before Starting The Engine

After digging out all the snow from around the car, check your tailpipe for any snow in it. If you notice any snow inside the tailpipe, remove it before starting the car. You also have to make sure that snow won’t get inside the tailpipe again so remove all the snow around it. This is important, as the exhaust could build up in the car if the tailpipe isn’t clear.

Step 3: Put Down Something Gritty Around Your Tires

Pour some gritty substance on the front, behind and side of the tires. Gritty substances are capable of providing your tires with some traction when you try to back and move forward. Some of the substances you can use as gritty substances to pour around your tires are

  • Salt. They not only help your tires gain traction but also melt the snow and ice underneath or around them. 
  • Kitty litter
  • Car mats, welcome mats, or carpet squares
  • Sand

Step 4: Place Solid Objects In The Front And Back Of The Tires To Gain Traction

Along with gritty materials, you can look for other materials that could help your tire gain some traction. This can include pieces of plywood, ridged sheet metal, or other similar items. Then place these items on the front or back of the tires so you can drive onto them and then out of the snow. Having snow chains can also come in handy and if you do, put them on.

2. Driving Your Car Out

The next method in how to get a car unstuck from snow is driving your car out of snow. Here are the steps involved in this method

Step 1: Turn Your All-Wheel Drive On

Most cars nowadays come with a switch that lets you switch on all-wheel drive. You have to make sure that it is activated before attempting to drive your car out of snow. The more tires that can spin, the more traction your car will have and this will make it easier for you to drive out of snow. 

Step 2: Put Your Car In The Lowest Gear

Instead of attempting to drive your car out of snow right away, you have to switch your car’s gear to the lowest gear. Your car tires will gain more power if your vehicle is in the lowest gear. You also have to make sure that they spin slower. This will avoid the risk of your tires digging a big hole in the snow. 

Step 3: Straighten Your Wheels

Turn the steering wheel to make the wheels as straight as possible. It will be a lot easier to get your car out of the snow if the wheels of your car are straight. However, you have to adjust your wheels too to avoid any obstacles like fire hydrants or signs. 

Step 4: Rock The Car Out

Now attempt to slowly back your car. If it is moving then you are making progress. Then drive your car a bit forward and then back your car again. You have to continue doing this until your car is in rocking motion. This will help you make progress little by little so continue doing this until you succeed. 

  • Perform the process very gently without gunning your car’s engine. Rocking back and forth will require finesse. 
  • If you didn’t find success after doing this for about 5 minutes, stop doing it. It can cause damage to your transmission. 

Step 5: Ride Your Brakes

Since your wheels could be spinning too fast or at an unequal pace, you must apply brakes while trying to rock your car out of snow. This will make it so all the wheels are working to move your car out of snow. However, make sure to not ride the brakes for too long. Doing this may cause your brake system and car to overheat. 

Step 6: Release A Little Air

If you are finding it difficult to rock your car out of snow, you can try releasing a little air from your tires. Release air until you can push the wall of the tire in just a little bit. This shouldn’t take more than 20 to 30 seconds. However, if your tires are already low on air, do not inflate them further. 

Step 7: Avoid Spinning Your Tires

Do not let your car’s tires spin a lot while trying to rock your car out of the snow. This won’t give any progress and further this will lead to your tires digging a hole in the snow. This will only trap your car deeper in the snow. 


You should never panic when you find your car covered in snow at the place where you left it before. Panicking about the situation can do you no good. You can follow the steps mentioned in this article to remove the snow covering your car and get it out of it by putting in some effort. Hope you find the article helpful! 

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