How To Jumpstart A Car With Push Button Ignition?

Many of the cars today have a push-button start ignition feature that is keyless. This surely is cool and is of course more secure. But like how everything has its advantages and disadvantages, keyless ignition also has its own. One of them is when the battery of your car is dead. Some people may be confused as to how one can jump start a push button ignition car. This article explains a few techniques on how to jumpstart a car with push-button ignition so read on!

Steps Involved In How To Jumpstart A Car With Push Button Ignition

There are a few simple and easy techniques you can use on how to jumpstart a car with push button ignition. They are all fairly simple techniques you can do on your own to jumpstart your car which has a push-button ignition.  Read on to find out what they are!

1. Jump Box

Jump boxes are small car battery like devices with a set of jumper cables attached to them. These will help you start the electronics inside your car if it is connected to the car battery. The jump box will also enable you to start the starter and get the car going. Simply connect the jump box to your car battery and you will be ready to go. However, drive to the nearest car maintenance store to get your car battery replaced because you can’t completely rely on just a jump box. 

2. Hill Start

Hill starting your car is also another technique you can use in how to jumpstart a car with push button ignition. You have to note that this technique will only work if your car battery is too low to start the engine but still has enough juice to try and power the electronics like the fuel pump and the various onboard computers. 

With your car facing downhill, one has to press the start button once to turn the vehicle on and then release the brakes which will let you roll down the car slowly with the clutch pressed in. Then let the clutch out after putting the car into second gear. With your car’s electronics and several devices inside turned on, the engine will start right up once the clutch engages. 

3. Fob Trouble

Jumping starting a car with push-button ignition is not very different from a car without a push-button ignition if you know what you are doing. The main difficulty is when your battery is also FOB and it dies. The car’s electronics usually make use of FOB to identify when the key is inside the car. This is how they know when to start. In every way, this is a very convenient method and the car makers have thought of this point out. The only disadvantage of such a build is when your car battery is dead. Many have come up with methods for allowing the car to identify the FOB when the power goes out. 

How Does This Technique Work?

FOBs are powered by a button cell battery to do things like unlock the car door and transmit a signal to your car when it is inside. They also have got a small magnetic identifier that works to uniquely recognize the FOB near your car. In most makes of vehicles, simply hold the FOB up to the push to start button and then press the button with your foot on the brakes and the car will start. 

Some manufactures have installed a receptacle for the FOB in this designated area to get your vehicle to start. In either case, it is always recommended to refer to your owner’s manual or your vehicle’s manual to see where your FOB goes. 

How To Bump Start A Car With A Push Start Ignition?

Sometimes jump-starting your car which has push-button ignition may not work even if you follow the techniques that come under how to jumpstart a car with push button ignition. So as a last resort you can try bump starting your car which has a push-button ignition button.

Steps Involved

The steps involved in bump starting your car are relatively too simple. But the level of effectiveness is quite low as you are not helping much in helping the car start. Here is what you need to do to bump start a car with push-button ignition. 

  • Make sure you have the FOB key with you inside the car before following the procedure.
  • Step on the brake and hold it that way.
  • Keep pushing and then holding the Engine’s start or stop button until the engine starts. 

This method is like one trying to repeatedly start the car with an ignition that needs a key to do so. The effectiveness of this method is quite less compared to jump-starting the car but it is worth a try if jump-starting your car which has push-button ignition didn’t work. 

Is A Car With A Push Button Ignition Worth It?

Like many features that first appeared in luxury autos, the dash-mounted push-button start is now getting filtered down to more affordable models, and its popularity continues to rise. Since the myth that push-button ignition cars may be difficult to fix in case of any issue, many are still questioning if they are worth the trouble. The system behind the button sure is quite complicated, but your car’s starting process is way too easy. Like how anything has its pros and cons, this feature also has its own set of them. 

Pros Of A Push Button Ignition Car

  • No need of carrying the smart key around always. 
  • The technology allows the convenience of a remote start for car owners, which can be a great way to warm up the car while it’s still locked and parked in one’s driveway.
  • The technology also can detect if your car keys are inside and avoid the situation of locking your keys inside the car. 

Cons Of A Push Button Ignition Car

  • Fobs are more expensive and f they are lost, they will cost more to replace than normal keys. 
  • Some drivers may not be properly be educated on how to turn off vehicles with push-button ignitions, leading to people forgetting to turn them off and leaving the car running or putting them in “park” before exiting the car.
  • Presently there’s no industry standardization, so the way the fobs perform vary from one car to the next.
  • If a fob’s battery dies, the driver will need to know how to override the system and find/use the hard key the manufacturer has hidden in the device – or call roadside assistance.

Deciding on if they are worth it or not is thus up to each person, their need and how good they can handle a push button ignition car. 


Jump starting your car which has a push-button ignition is not a very hard task. This article mentions in detail, all the techniques involved in the process of kickstarting a car. One must follow the steps closely to succeed and start the car. Hope this article proved helpful to you!

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