How To Start My Car Without Chip Key?

Though transponder keys are convenient for all vehicles, still you can have problems with your chip keys. As they can go bad, get lost, or be dead sometimes. You might be wondering what should you do in this case, how to start my car without chip key? when this part goes dead.

One major problem car owners face with their cars is related to the car keys. Car keys have a very wide range of shapes, technologies, options, and problems.

In this article, we’ll be discussing all the tips and methods on how to start my car without chip key, how to start my car without a key fob, how to bypass the transponder without key?

What Is A Chip Key?

Chip key

A chip key, transponder, or FOB, is a traditional metal key with a secure chip embedded inside the silicone sleeve. They look like regular keys but contain a signal-emitting chip that communicates with the ignition coil’s receiver.

Every time you need to enter or switch on the automobile, a similar code is broadcast between these two elements, the transmitter in the key and the receiver in the car.

If the vehicle’s code matches the keys, the ECU will start the vehicle; otherwise, the vehicle will not start.

How To Start My Car Without Chip Key?

You can not bypass transponder keys easily. That means there is no way you can start a car without one. In this case, only the dealership can help by giving you a replacement of your chip key after reading your car’s radio-frequency identification.

Suppose you got a transponder chip, there is a solution you may attempt:

Step 1:-

Firstly, you need to remove your silicone cover using pliers or a screwdriver. Because of the tightened seal, something sharp might work better to create leverage.

Step 2:-

Take out the transponder chip. It looks like a very small black square or a see-through tube.

Step 3:-

Place the chip on a piece of tape, then attach it near the ignition lock.

Step 4:-

Now, try starting your key with a dismantled/ new key without the chip.

How To Start My Car Without Chip Key? - Useful Tips And Tricks To Start A  Car

Step 5:-

If the car doesn’t start, reposition the piece of tape and try again.

Step 6:-

Once you have discovered a working location for your chip, fix it with glue.

Step 7:-

Any replica of a key will operate thanks to the transponder chip since the transponder chip is constantly near the ignition lock.

The obvious drawback is that you’re losing a layer of security. However, car security systems act as deterrents – locked doors and wheel immobilizers prevent thieves of opportunity from driving off in your vehicle, but will rarely stop the professionals.

Ironically, in some instances, it might even act as a better security system, because close proximity of two transponder chips will cause interference. This is also why you shouldn’t use keys with the transponder chip still inside if you glue one next to the ignition lock.

Therefore, if you’ve been wondering how to start my car without chip key? then, these are some steps for the same.

How To Bypass The Transponder Without Key?

You might have found numerous answers while searching for how to disable the transponder key system like this:

Transponder key

1. Set the ignition to the On position by inserting the key into the ignition.

2. After roughly 10 minutes of being in the On position, turn it back to Off.

3. Repeat the procedure twice more.

4. Remove the key from the lock.

This is nothing more than an excellent way to waste half an hour and a large amount of your battery. Contrary to popular belief, RFID chips cannot be programmed that easily. You won’t be able to replicate the chip code into another transponder key without the help of an authorized dealer, or a locksmith. The vehicle industry is never that easy to attack.

If the locksmith does not work with an original, it will have to search a database for your car’s radio frequency ID or use specific instruments to extract it from the transport. Moreover, because the automobile is not sending; it is receiving, there is no way to pick up the frequency and figure out what it wants to read.

How To Start My Car Without A Key Fob?

The transponder chip’s technology developed into contemporary keyless fobs that need to be near the engine’s ignition. Because it’s common for these battery-powered processors to fail, designers ensure that you have a simple way to open the car and start the engine.

As you’ve never had to use it, you might not be aware that the fob contains a compact physical key inside it. There’s usually a small cover on one side of the fob – pull it off and you’ll get to an L-shaped metal key. Put it into the fob in reverse, and it can be used just like a regular key to open the door and crank the engine until you get replacement batteries.

Another alternative to the key fob is using the mobile app to unlock and start the vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer, you’ll need to sign up for one of the following apps:

1. Audi: MMI Connect

2. BMW: Connected Drive

3. Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Buick: OnStar RemoteLink

4. Jeep, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Fiat: Uconnect

5. Lincoln & Ford: Sync Connect

6. Hyundai: BlueLink

7. Infinity: InTouch

8. Nissan: Nissan Connect

9. Lexus: Lexus Enform

10. Subaru: StarLink

How to Program a Car Key Chip


1. How do you tell if there is a chip in your car key?

Read the owner’s manual, or take the key apart to look for a small chip in the shape of a tube or a black square.

2. Will a non-transponder key start my car?

A non-transponder key may allow a thief to get access to your vehicle, but they will not be able to do much else! Transponders are usually connected to an immobilizer area and build up codes that, if they do not match, the engine won’t start.

Auto thieves can easily utilize car picking equipment to start and turn your vehicle’s ignition. Non-transponder car key is typically found in older vehicles without an immobilizer system.

3. Can I start my car without the chip key?

It’s not possible to start a car without the chip key. Try starting it with a mobile app, or call the on-road assistance service provided by your car’s manufacturer. The only other options are to tow the vehicle home or to the nearest dealership, depending on how the new key is created.


The above-mentioned information about how to start my car without chip key? we hope this will be helpful to all the readers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section below. We’ll try to solve your doubts as soon as possible.

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