What Is The Hybrid System Warning Light, How Does It Works?

When a car gets the ability to run on both engine and battery is known as a Hybrid vehicle. For eg., Toyota Prius is a hybrid vehicle because it operates on both gas as well as battery. Now, just like the malfunctioning occurs in other cars, it also occurs in the hybrid cars too. They are not an exception to a hybrid system warning light. Let’s get a detailed format for it.

What Does The Hybrid System Warning Light Mean?

The Hybrid system warning light signifies that there is an issue with your vehicle’s hybrid system, which is typically a problem with the battery, charging, or electrical systems. Similar to a check engine warning light, the hybrid warning light will need to be addressed quickly to avoid being stranded on the road.

What Does The Warning Mean In Hybrid System?

Whenever the warning pops up, it usually means that the computer has detected a fault or an error within your car’s hybrid system. The warning often appears in two colors: Yellow and red.

The yellow light is often a sign of an error detected by your car’s computer system and is something to diagnose.

The red light may be a sign of more severe issues within your car’s hybrid system that needs to be addressed immediately. You should avoid driving your vehicle before resolving the issue of a hybrid system warning light.

Whenever the “Check Hybrid System” warning pops up, you may experience a couple of other symptoms in your vehicle, such as:

1. Reduced engine performance in terms of speed and acceleration.

2. A malfunction of the car’s hybrid system could cause the vehicle to run solely on gas

3. Increase in fuel consumption.

What Causes The “Check Hybrid System” Warning?

The alert that you get on your dashboard may occur because of several issues. The hybrid warning systems are integrally more complex than typical vehicle warning systems, making it difficult to understand what is causing the warning to pop up. Because of this, you should take your vehicle for a diagnosis to establish what is causing the alert.

It is possible to determine that the warning is caused by one of the following once you run the diagnostic tool.

1. Blown Fuse:-

Hybrid car batteries are usually connected to a fuse. Whenever there is a fault in the fuse or if the fuse fails, then the battery consequently stops working.

2. Inverter Failure:-

Inverters are responsible for converting Direct Current (DC) energy into Alternating Current (AC) energy in battery-driven systems. When the inverter is faulty, it could cause the hybrid system of your car not to function at its maximum capacity.

3. Battery Cell Failure:-

When the “Check Hybrid System” light pops up, and at the same time, you notice that your car’s battery charge state changes quickly from full to empty, then it is possible that your battery pack contains a faulty cell in one of its modules.

Hence, these are some causes of the problem of hybrid system warning light.

How Do You Fix A Hybrid Warning Light?

Try pulling over and turning the car off for a few minutes to reset it. If the hybrid check light comes on while you’re driving, pull over somewhere safe. Turn off your car and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Then, try starting it back up again to reset it.

Can I Drive With Hybrid Warning Light On?

No, you shouldn’t ignore the hybrid system warning light. While you may still be able to drive your car while the indicator light is on, you could be doing more damage to your car.

What Does The Hybrid System Malfunction Warning Light Means?

If the light comes on while driving, you should pull over safely and shut off the car for a few minutes. Sometimes, this reset will cause the computer to recheck everything and can turn off the light. Like the check engine light, even the smallest errors that are detected will turn the light on even if nothing is going wrong with the car’s hybrid drive system.

How To Fix The Hybrid Warning Light?

There is a simple remedy for hybrid warning lights is resetting the system. Allow the car to cool for a few minutes as you shut it down. After that, restart the computer. Usually, the issue is resolved, and the warning signals disappear.

How Do You Reset A Hybrid Warning Light?

If the vehicle does not go off right away, pull over and turn it off for a few minutes to fix it. While your car sits parked waiting to be checked, make sure it’s parked far from any hybrid systems. Hold your car for five minutes until it’s safe to move. You may need to restart it again to reset it.


We hope the above-mentioned information about the hybrid system warning light will be helpful to all the viewers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section box.

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