Why Do You Hear A Loud Pop When Putting Car In Reverse?

If you are wondering what to do if your car makes a loud pop when putting car in reverse. Then you are on the correct page. Basically, it is a problem of a bad valve body which causes the problem of a loud bang sound while reversing your car. It can be changed without pulling the transmission. This sound is mainly caused while putting the automatic transmission in reverse or in the drive.

In this article, we will be discussing this problem in detail. You will get to know the reasons for this cause of the loud pop issue while reversing your car. And how to get this problem fixed.

What Causes A Loud Pop When Putting Car In Reverse?

For eg. If you’re parking your car in the office parking area or at the shopping mall. While doing so you might notice a big popping sound coming from the rear of your vehicle while shifting into reverse gear. This issue can be an alarming sign for you and make you wonder why this sound occurs.

We’ll take an in-depth look at why you might hear this loud pop when putting car in reverse. Because it is coming from your car’s transmission and is the most common problem which you’re not facing alone.

The reasons behind this problem are the following.

1. However, too much movement between the pad abutment and caliper surface can lead to continuous noise.

2. The absence of anti-rattle chips could also cause a clicking noise while putting your car in reverse.

3. Not replacing anti-rattle chips while changing the brakes can cause popping noise. Make sure to do so.

4. The popping sound is caused by your transmission while synchronizing its gears. 

5. Usually, when you press on the gas pedal in reverse and go into first gear, that popping noise occurs.

6. Your car consists of three types of transmissions which are manual, automatic, and continuously variable transmissions (CVT). Each transmission works differently and each transmission will create different sounds as they attempt to engage its gears.

7. If you have a standard manual transmission with more than three gears, though, sometimes it gets stuck in second gear instead of going straight to reverse because of which this problem of loud pop sound arises.

8. There is also a possibility of an old brake pad causing this issue as it rubs against the rotor and creates a high-pitched noise.

9. A brake problem might also be the possible cause of this loud pop sound problem.

Therefore, these are the certain problems that can be the reason for causing this annoying loud pop sound while reversing your car.

How To Resolve This Loud Pop Sound Issue While Reversing Your Car?

Though everyone loves to ride in the car. But there are certain problems that can be caused by a specific period of time. And, the loud pop sound coming out while reversing your car is one of the most common problems. You can get it fixed by following the below steps.

1. By Adding The Grease:-

The Clicking sound is one of the most common noises you’ll hear while reversing the vehicle. You can try to resolve this issue by adding a disk brake caliper grease. The grease helps to lubricate the brakes and eliminates the noise. Ensure that you apply the lubricant on both sides of the greasing shims to avoid any problem with the brake pads. Remember not to use too much grease as it might lead to a large, sticky built-up.

2. By Checking The Wear Tabs:-

The first thing you need to check is the wear tabs. If the car makes noise when backing up or even while moving forward, wear tabs might be the reason for this concern. Basically, they are located at the end of the brake tabs and will rub against the rotor by creating a squealing noise.

3. By Checking The Metal:-

Firstly, you need to check the car rotor and pads, and if there is a small metal part between the two, the noise will be squealing. A squealing noise can occur when the metal touches the metal. Please ensure that you clean the rotor and pads to prevent any metal parts from getting in between both.

Thus, if the car makes noise when reversing every time, these tips can definitely help you to avoid this issue of loud pop sound while putting the car in reverse.


We hope the above-mentioned information regarding the loud pop when putting car in reverse problem will be helpful to all the viewers. If you have any more doubts or queries regarding this problem feel free to comment in the comment box. We’ll definitely try to reach up to you and solve your all doubts as soon as possible.

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