Why My Turn Signal Is Blinking Fast? Is There Any Solutions?

One of the most important components of a car or any vehicle for that matter is its turn signals. The turn signals play a crucial role in keeping both you and others on the road safe. For the same reason, any issue with these turn lights can be hazardous to both your and others safety. One such issue that can happen to the turn signals is its fast blinking. There are multiple reasons why your turn signals are linking very fast than normal. Read on to find out the several reasons that cause the condition my turn signal is blinking fast and its solutions.

My Turn Signal Is Blinking Fast: Why?

Are you noticing that the turn signal of your car is blinking inconsistently or the blinking is twice as fast as usual? Then you would want to know the reason why this happens. As mentioned above, several reasons cause the situation, my turn signal is blinking fast. The most usual reason why this happens is a blown bulb or a bulb that is close to getting blown. But you cannot completely ignore the other possible causes from the socket itself to the turn signal switches or bad connections, even though these are comparatively less likely reasons. Either way, here is a complete guide to what all causes to your situation my turn signal is blinking fast

1. Faulty Bulb

As mentioned above, the most common reason that causes your turn signals to blink fast is a faulty bulb. When a bulb gets faulty, its resistance will no longer exist in the circuit which causes your turn signal to blink faster than usual. The bulbs in the turn signal are wired in parallel, and so when one bulb is faulty the relay ends up receiving more current which results in the circuit tripping faster.

How To Fix?

You would of course have to replace the faulty one with a new good bulb for your turn signals. This is neither a very hard job nor an expensive one. You can either fix a new bulb on your own or can make a mechanic do the work for you. Sometimes car parts stores from where buy the turn signal bulb will also help you replace them.

If you have decided to change the bulb on your own, you will be able to find the necessary instructions on your car’s owner’s manual. Once you finished replacing the bulb, test your turn signals to see if the problem is fixed. If not, there may be a bigger problem with your turn signals.

2. Ground Connection Issues

Another issue that can cause the situation my turn signal is blinking fast is the ground connection. This issue can be indicative of a blown fuse or a sign that a wire or element has gone bad. Ground connection issues can also be because of simple loose connection problems too which are not very serious. You may just have to dust the connection wires and their sockets and reconnect all the wires tightly to get your turn signals to work normally. You have to also check whether there are any screws o some other similar items that have come loose. Make sure to check all the wires closely to find if there are any loose, burnt or worn wires. All these issues can cause your turn signal to blink fast. To summarize, check these things for a possible bad connection

  • Fuses
  • Loose screws
  • Loose wires
  • Dirty wires or pieces
  • Corroded wires
  • Fried wires
  • Worn wires or parts

How To Fix?

All these parts that cause the ground problems can easily be replaced. You can either replace the parts on your own or get the help of a mechanic to do so. Replacing the parts on your own in your car can be risky as you can place the wrong parts in the wrong places. This is why it is always recommended to get a mechanic to do the fixing and replacing work.

3. Poor Lighting Problems

Lighting problems can be another reason why your cars turn signals blinking faster than usual. It can also cause some other similar issues like both turn lights blinking fast, lights dimming throughout the car, etc. You can face such issue in new vehicles too because of defective connections or lights. Sometimes these items may not be effectively designed making them be defective pieces.

4. Dim Interior Lights

If you are noticing that the light coming from the turn signals along with blinking fast is very dim than usual. This could be a larger electrical issue at work but at times this may be an indication that your car’s battery is dying. So when you notice that your car’s turn signals are blinking fast and that is very dim, you can conclude that it is some big electrical issue or battery failure. This situation can also be an indication of the alternator not firing correctly. You can determine the situation by getting the voltage tested. If you find that the voltage is low you may have to try replacing the battery or checking the alternator.

How To Fix Turn Signals Blinking Fast?

After listing down the different causes of why your turn signals are blinking faster, it is time to take some action to cure the situation. If you feel like you have an unidentified electrical issue, it is recommend getting your car and the turn lights checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible. For an issue such as that, you don’t want to wait to get the problem fixed as you might end up with bigger problems. The most important thing is to troubleshoot and identify the issue. But generally, these will help fix a turn signal that is blinking too fast:

  • Changing your bulb,
  • Changing fuses
  • Cleaning the area around involved components
  • Checking your wires, even on your own.

Your owner’s manual most likely provides instructions to fix all these processes on your own. Checking your battery and changing your battery is another activity that you can tackle on your own as well. If you are not able to test your battery, most stores that have batteries do have the ability to test your battery as well. However, it is always better to get a mechanic to do all sorts of repair works if you are inexperienced and do not know what to do.


Don’t panic if your turn signal is blinking fast! The majority of the time this is a quick and easy fix that only requires changing a light bulb. However, you should be aware of identifiers that could be a sign of a larger issue so that you can get that addressed as soon as possible. Hope you found this article helpful.

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