Why Do Oil Pressure Drops To Zero While Driving?

Engine oil is one of the most important fluids of your car. Oil is responsible for greasing up several parts of your car to guarantee it’s smooth working. But what if the oil pressure drops to zero while driving? This is not at all a desirable condition as low oil pressure can cause harm to different motor parts. 

This is of course very bad for your vehicle and when you feel that your car’s oil pressure is dropping to zero, you should immediately side your car and switch it off then proceed to check the oil. This article examines the several reasons that cause such a condition so read on!

Reasons Why Oil Pressure Drops To Zero While Driving

There are a variety of reasons that lead to the situation, oil pressure drops to zero while driving.  Here are the most common ones 

1. Not Enough Or Destroyed Oil

Oil is the main fluid that keeps your car working. Oil is as vital to your car as water is to us. So imagine your car not getting enough oil or the existing fluid is destroyed? It is only common if the oil pressure drops to zero while driving in such a situation. It is advised to consistently change your oil every 3-6 months or between 3,000 to 5,000 miles. 

2. Engine wear

Oil in your car moves throughout the engine through the driving rod bearing and the camshaft direction. The oil which is moving in subsequent pressure through these parts will end up having a lower pressure if any of these parts are worn which results in the loosening. In such a situation you will experience your car’s oil dropping to zero while driving. 

3. Faulty Oil Pressure Gauge

A faulty oil pressure gauge will result in the faulty measurement of oil pressure. This will in turn result in oil pressure dropping to zero in your car while driving. A mechanical oil compels test can however help in deciding if there is an absence of pressing factor or not.  

4. Dirty Air Filter

Oil filters and other related channels play a vital role in keeping up the oil pressure. However, if these channels get blocked because of debris or other unwanted substances, the oil pressure decreases as there is an obstruction to the flow of the stream. These obstructions will keep the oil pressure from getting high. In such a situation, oil pressure drops to zero while driving. 

5. Oil Viscosity

Oil with high consistency is thicker and thus won’t stream as fast as slender oil. This influences the oil pressure with time. The pressure reduces soon making the oil pressure drop to zero while driving. High thickness oil forestalls oil pressure from building quickly.

6. Engine Overheating

Having an overheating motor is not only hard for the driver but is also hard for the motor since it decreases the oil pressure. The oil thickness also reduces to a lesser level than what is required by the car. 

7. Defective Oil Pump

This is not a very normal or commonly seen cause, but a faulty oil siphon results in the making of more paths between the rotors, thus decreasing the pressure of the oil than the required level. 

8. Destroyed Internal Components

All the internal components in your car get engaged in the burning interaction. When there is damage to any of these internal components, the chances of oil pressure going down is very high. You can identify damaged internal components by seeing common symptoms like blue smoke from the tailpipe and oil dropping to zero while driving. 

How Can Stop Oil Pressure Dropping To Zero While Driving?

The dropping of oil pressure in your vehicle is not at all a desirable condition. It is a safety hazard to both you and your vehicle. Prevention is always better than cure so it is best to check and top up your motor oil regularly. Otherwise, all the above-mentioned causes can cost you a lot of money to get fixed. 

If your pressing factor or the oil siphon are damaged, you will have to get them replaced to cure the oil pressure going down to zero while driving. You can also search for any indication of outer oil spills or leaks. Generally, when your car is facing low oil pressures, oil leaks are common and the oil holes can be covered by supplanting hoses and lines. 

If you suspect any inward oil spill, it is best to take your car to a mechanic. Short Circuits and open circuits can likewise prompt wrong pressing factor alerts. Utilize a DMM and fix manually to follow the proper circuits for a fix. One approach to fix oil pressure is to utilize a higher-thickness oil, for example, changing from 5W-20 to 10W-30. This slight change in oil thickness can compensate for the expanded bearing leeway, expanding oil pressure back to typical.

What Is The Cost To Fix Low Oil Pressure?

It is a bit expensive to get the low oil pressure condition of your car fixed. On average, the expense for motor oil light analysis can range from $88 to $144. This cost can either go up or down depending on the model of your car and mechanic so keep in mind that this is just a rough estimate. 


Low oil pressure is a very bad condition to be in and things can get worse when your oil pressure drops to zero while driving. It can not only harm your car motor in no time but can also harm you if taken lightly. If you notice that your car’s oil light glints on and off when the vehicle is inactive or is halted, you can conclude that there is some issue with the oil sensor or the pressing factor is lower than what is desired. Whatever is the case, your car’s motor should have 5 PSI when your car is not moving.

If the PSI is lower than the desired 5 PSI, the oil light will be triggered causing it to blink now and then. On the off chance that the light flashes while the vehicle is moving, the oil levels might be excessively low. Check the oil level and add engine oil to the vehicle, if necessary, and keep on observing the light. On the off chance that the oil was for sure low, the light should kill. If not, it is possible that the motor heading is worn. This is ominous as it might cause the motor oil to deliver oil from where it was once contained. A specialist should review and fix it right away. Contact an ensured proficient to help keep your motor moving along as expected immediately.

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