What Does Rear Light Failure Warning Light Mean?

After a specific period of time vehicles turn out to be a depreciated investment for all. Meanwhile in that nothing can be more frustrating than you’re running late for your important office meeting and suddenly an issue with the rear light system arises, the dashboard will light up with the rear light failure warning light by alerting you for the same.

What Does The Rear Light Failure Warning Light Mean?

The rear light warning light turns on is that the sensors around the rear lights can detect if there is an issue developing around the lights. When the headlight switch is turned on, it indicates that one or more of the rear lights are burned out. If it comes on when the brake pedal is depressed, one or more stoplights are burned out.

Reasons Behind The Issue Of Rear Light System Failure?

There are several reasons why this light turns on, as there could be a problem with the sensor, electricity, bulb, or level of humidity around the bulb. The best way to determine if the issue is in the rear light system is to purchase a diagnostic tool and use it on your vehicle. You can also take your vehicle to your trusted auto care center.

The following are some reasons for the rear light failure warning light to come on the dashboard.

1. The bulb is the first part of your car’s lights that’s most likely to go out. Deep inside the bulb, there is a piece called the filament. This is the main source of light that burns up inside the bulb. 

2. The fuses are made as a safety feature. A car’s fuse box can usually be found in the engine compartment. Although, some cars have them placed inside the glovebox, and elsewhere. Now, find which fuse is responsible for the rear lights.

3. An issue with the electricity flowing to the rear light system arises.

4. If the equipment holding the light bulb is not secure, the bulb could break, especially if it’s jostled.

5. An issue with the sensor arises as it cannot provide accurate information about the rear brake system.

6. Too much humidity gets trapped inside of the rear brake light which affects the electrical system.

The rear light on the back of every vehicle is supposed to let other drivers know about your presence in the darkness of the night. If your rear lights do not work, then vehicles behind you will not know that you are there and as a result, they could crash into you.

How To Fix The Issue Of Rear Light System Failure?

The following solutions can help fix any issues that you may be experiencing due to the rear light failure warning light.

Step 1:-

The average life expectancy of a rear light bulb is about five or six years. Sensors will be able to detect when the bulb is no longer working at its optimum level. The sensors then will indicate to the car’s main diagnostic center that the bulbs need to be replaced. Therefore, you can fix the issue by replacing the bulbs.

Step 2:-

There could also be an issue with faulty wiring or a blown-out fuse. A mechanic’s diagnosing tools can determine the cause of the faulty wiring. Then they can fix the electrical issues.

Step 3:-

If you notice condensation underneath the plastic, that means the coverings are not properly set. You will have to remove the plastic housings and wipe away the condensation.

Step 4:-

It is very common for a rear bulb light to become loose, especially right after it has just been replaced. Even mechanics sometimes do not screw in the lightbulb the entire way. Simply screwing in the bulb until it cannot move anymore will fix the issue of the rear light failure warning light.

Step 5:-

The rear light warning system itself could stop working properly for a couple of reasons. You need to take your vehicle to a mechanic and they will advise you on what to do and what needs to be replaced.

Therefore, these are some basic steps through which you can resolve the issue of this light easily, or else it’s better to stop your car at your trusted auto care center for diagnosing the issue professionally.


There are a couple of reasons why a vehicle’s rear light failure warning light will turn. Your vehicle’s diagnostic system can provide the reason for the warning light or you can take your vehicle to a mechanic shop.

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