What Is The Purpose of Red Circle Light On Dashboard?

Each car, depending on its manufacturers install various warning lights that appear on the dashboard to make the driving experience better. These warning lights help us to understand any issue the car may be having and other similar alerts. These warning lights are LED lights that appear on the dashboard. One among the many other warning lights is the red circle light on dashboard which is also an indicator. This article tries to explain what the red circle light that appears on the dashboard indicates so read on!

What Are Dashboard Warning Lights? What Is Their Importance?

Our car shows different LED warning lights on the dashboard that indicates different warnings and alerts. Some may be normal alerts while some others may be emergency lights. Even though these lights exist to let the driver know what is wrong with the car, many don’t know what a lot of those lights mean. 

It is very important to have relevant knowledge of what each of those means. This will help you know what exactly to do once you notice these lights on your car’s dashboard. The red circle light on dashboard is just one among the many warning lights. 

As mentioned above, warning lights appear when there is something wrong with your car. However, a lack of knowledge about what ay of them means will lead to ignorance. And the ignorance will worsen whatever issue your car is facing, causing irreversible or severe damage to your car. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on some issue which once was a simple problem, right?

The warning lights and how they look may vary from vehicle to vehicle. So to understand your own car’s warning lights properly, it is recommended to check your owner’s manual. You can notice the warning lights, if there are any, illuminating brightly on the dashboard when you turn on the engine. If the warning light is, in case, something you don’t know, then at least make sure to get your trusted mechanic to check your car. 

What Is The Difference Between Red, Yellow/Orange, Green And Blue Lights?

As with many other things, there are various levels to these as well. Red warning lights indicate that they are of high importance. They need immediate attention almost to the level that, you should only drive your car after getting the issue checked. When you see a red warning light get your car to a trusted mechanic immediately, without any hesitation. 

Yellow/Orange lights indicate a problem that is of the intermediate level. It is neither too serious nor should be ignored. When you see a yellow/ orange warning light, schedule an appointment with your mechanic within a week or two. 

LED lights that appear on the dashboard, which are green/ blue in light cannot be classified as warning lights. These usually indicated that a car function is currently in function. An example of such a light is the indicator signal that appears on the dashboard when the feature is on. 

What Is The Red Circle Light On Dashboard?

The red circle light on dashboard in most cars usually works as a security indicator. It is an emergency light or sign that makes sure to keep the vehicle safe from theft. The red circle light on dashboard or the security light feature blinks continuously even when the vehicle is OFF. Thus this flashing red light acts as a security light to make sure and keep things safe. 

There sure are a lot of other red blinking lights that may appear on the dashboard. When your car’s door is left open, other warning lights also become active on the dashboard. Problems like faulty switches and such or any other internal issue on your car can cause definite warning lights to come on. 

The red circle light on dashboard is part of the anti-theft system. Most manufacturers, especially in modern cars, install this safety feature in vehicles these days. But a lot of people are unaware of what these lights are and even think it is blinking because of some fault in their vehicle. The anti-theft system that makes the red circle warning light appear on the dashboard is also called the immobilizer system. It is imperative to have the immobilizer system or the anti-theft system in your vehicle. 

This system comes active once you park and lock your car from outside. This reason alone has made a lot of car owners get confused as to why such a light blinks after switching the car off. They even proceeded to somehow switch off this very good safety feature. But little did they know, how important it is to have the anti-theft feature On in their vehicle. This light is associated with an alarm system that goes On when someone attempts to break into your car thus calling for attention and preventing the theft. 

Is Red Light Blinking In Car is A Top Safety Feature?

As mentioned above, many are unaware of what the red blinking light that appears on dashboard that comes after the vehicle is switched off means. There are even some that find the light annoying, thinking this may drain the car’s battery. But the feature is a very handy safety measure that helps you from getting your car stolen. 

Keeping the anti-theft system and the red circle light in good shape is very important. If in case you see something wrong with the vehicle like, the red circle light is no longer appearing on the dashboard or it is continuously ON, takes the vehicle to a mechanic immediately. This may be an indication that the immobilizer system is faulty or there can be a fault with internal switches or wiring. 

The red circle warning light that appears on the dashboard stops blinking when the ignition switch is turned ON. When the light is ON when the ignition is OFF and if there is a theft attempt, an alarm will go off and the engine will not start at any cost.  A vehicle stops taking the ignition if anyone tries to start the vehicle unusually. Thus, this anti-theft system is a truly useful feature of any car and it is undoubtedly the top safety feature. 


The red circle warning light that blinks on your dashboard when your ignition is off and the car is locked is a safety feature. This anti-theft system is truly one of the top features of your car which offers protection to your car against theft. One should keep an eye on the blinking lights. It is essential to repair or replace the faulty components if there are any, for better maintenance. 

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