There Is A Starting Disabled Service Throttle Issue, What To Do?

What if you’re ready to go on a holiday vacation with your family on the weekend. And suddenly your car displays a message of starting disabled service throttle issue. It can be quite frustrating when it comes to dealing with those car problems and their repairs.

In this article, let’s see what this message is about in detail. Let’s get started.

What Causes A Starting Disabled Service Throttle Issue?

This type of message appears when you likely have a problem with your electronic throttle control system. When your electronic throttle control goes bad, it puts your engine’s performance and your personal safety at risk.

The Signs That Suggest Your Electronic Throttle Controller Has Gone Bad:-

The throttle positioning sensor (TPS) clearly has a critical job, and if it fails, you’ll likely experience some severe symptoms.

1. Decreased Fuel Mileage:-

If your TPS is acting up, it may cause the butterfly valve inside the throttle body to allow too much or too little air through. Imagine if your car suddenly started accelerating for no reason. This is one of the possibilities if your TPS fails. It may also result in a lack of power, where you won’t be able to drive for so long because of the starting disabled service throttle issue.

2. Sporadic Idling:-

You’ll likely experience random idle surges. Alongside sporadic idling, you may also notice your engine misfiring, a rough idle, or stalling. It’s also possible that your car idles too high or too low.

3. Intermittently Flashing Indicator Light:-

Your engine is designed to run as efficiently as possible. For this reason, if something isn’t working correctly, it can throw the entire system out of balance. If your TPS goes out, there’s a good chance to get your flashing indicator light checked.

4. Acceleration Problems:-

In rare instances, a broken throttle controller or bad throttle position can lead the engine to struggle to accelerate or will produce a stumbling impact whenever the driver engages the throttle. This can cause decreased performance and might pose a safety risk if not examined and fixed promptly.

Hence, these are some basic reasons for the cause of the message of the starting disabled service throttle issue.

What Is Electronic Throttle Control?

An electronic throttle control system is a kind of technology seen in automobiles. It links your accelerator pedal towards the throttle of your car. In a nutshell, this eliminates the need for the conventional mechanical connection. Additionally, this system is identified as the ETC.

The electronic throttle control systems consist of three major components:-

1. Accelerator pedal module.

2. Throttle valve

3. Engine Control Module (ECM) or Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

What Are The Benefits Of Electronic Throttle Control?

There are several advantages to using an electronic throttle control over a mechanical one, even though most of us may be unaware of these benefits provided by an ETC.

1. It Offers Improved Safety:-

A mechanical throttle body is entirely dependent on the driver’s gas pedal action to determine the throttle opening. But, the electronic throttle control detects your pedal touch and compares it to data acquired by various sensors throughout the vehicle. For instance, it can detect when the vehicle is sliding and lacking traction. It will indicate whether the wheel has more or less traction. Alternatively, it may evaluate steering and braking inputs as well.

2. Lower Maintenance:-

Mechanical throttle body designs from yesteryears include several moving components. As such, it may experience increased wear and tear throughout the duration, demanding further repair. The ETC has fewer moving components. Typically, it is simply concerned with processing and transmitting electrical impulses. ETC is less prone to wear with fewer moving components and needs much lesser maintenance.

3. Driving Convenience:-

Imagine that without the ETC, modern cruise control systems would not be conceivable. With an ETC, your automobile’s complete throttle body or unit can accept inputs from various sources. As it benefits from many comforts and devices that help drive a vehicle as comfortably as possible with contemporary automobiles.


Hence, these are some benefits of electronic control throttle.

What Is The Repairing Cost Of Electronic Throttle Control?

Repairing an electronic throttle control ranges from around $580 up to $700. A technician’s labor charges run roughly around $100 up to $125, excluding other fees, and further fixes in other areas might be necessary.

Because this car component is critical to the engine’s internal system, the cost of repair could be as great as $670. Additionally, some additional variables affect the rate of service. For instance, repair charges will be lower if your car’s throttle system is located in an open spot or is reachable and visible. It might be as little as $520 or perhaps less.

How To Fix The Issue Of Bad Electronic Throttle Controller:-

1. There are many reasons an ETC might act up. However, the most likely issue is that it’s dirty. You need to clean the electronic throttle controller.

2. If it has failed completely, you may need to replace the throttle body entirely. However, first, you’ll need to test it using a basic multimeter.

3. Depending on the location of the throttle body, you may be able to replace it yourself without too much hassle.

4. If you choose to take it to a shop, you’ll need to spend a huge sum for both parts and labor on an electronic throttle body replacement.

Therefore, you can go through this steps to help resolve the issue of starting disabled service throttle or if you’re unable to do so it is recommended to take the help of the professionals to get it fixed properly.


We hope the above-mentioned information about starting disabled service throttle issue will be helpful to all the readers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section below. We’ll try to solve your doubts as soon as possible.

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