Trac Off: Meaning, Causes, How To Fix It?

Today’s vehicles have more safety features and sensors than you’re probably even aware of. Just like the traction control off indicator light. If you’re wondering what is the trac off meaning, or what are its causes, most of the time these features stay in the background, and you don’t even need to know that they’re there. This usually indicates something like which the car will go out of control. So if you are a good driver, then you must have had a piece of good knowledge about those kinds of indicator lights.

What Is The TRAC Off Meaning?

Whenever a vehicle loses grip and begins to skid or slide. The traction control system (TCS) assists the driver in retaining control and stability of the car. A wheel can lose traction at any time, and the TCS can be activated automatically as soon as the vehicle’s computer system detects this.

If the vehicle becomes stuck in fresh snow or mud, the TRAC/VSC systems may restrict the amount of power sent to the wheels from the engine. Because loss of traction is most likely in ice or snow, the TCS transfers power from the wheel of your car that is slipping to the wheels that are still firmly gripping the surface, thus preventing skidding.

When the TCS indicator illuminates, your traction control system informs you if it is functioning correctly or not working at all.

What Does It Cause The Traction Control Light To Come On?

When we discuss the trac off meaning, you must know what causes the light to turn on. So here are the possible reasons for that.

1. Bad Wheel Sensors

Your car’s traction control system and engine control unit are connected to your vehicle’s wheel speed sensors. Each wheel has a sensor, which measures the rotational speed of the vehicle. The traction control system will be notified if any of those sensors detects an abrupt change in the wheel speed.

2. Steering Rack Failure

The power steering rack is an essential part of the system. Attached to the steering wheel. Hydraulic fluid is pumped into the steering rack to make it easier for drivers to spin the wheel. Optimal traction and easy steering are inseparable. If there is a steering rack failure you may notice TC lights on your dashboard.

3. Faulty Anti-Lock Brake System 

A car’s traction control and anti-lock braking systems might share a control module and diagnostics system. Because of this, if your ABS is malfunctioning, you may notice that your TC lights are on.

4. Programming Issues

Like any other computer, cars need to be fixed from time to time, just like any other machine. It’s conceivable that your car’s computer has malfunctioned if the traction lights come on. Your traction control system [TRAC] may need to be reprogrammed to function correctly again.

5. Poor Road Conditions

Certain road conditions may cause your traction control system to malfunction. Snow, ice, storms, and rain all contribute to hazardous driving conditions when the weather is inclement.

Is It Safe To Drive With The TRAC Off Light On?

Driving with the TCS indicator on is only safe if it shows when you are losing traction, indicating that the system is activating. The absence of traction control might make your car more prone to spinning out of control and sliding about on the highway.

Although a failed traction control system is unlikely to render a vehicle inoperable if the light remains illuminated after pressing the on/off button, the system should be serviced as soon as possible, and extreme caution should be exercised when driving in low-traction conditions such as wet, snowy, or icy conditions.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix The Traction Control Light?

Re-installing the traction control switch might cost anything from $99 to $111. The estimate for labor charges is $47 to $59, while the parts are priced at $52. Taxes and other costs are not included in this estimate, nor are your particular vehicle or geographic location.

How To Fix The TRAC Off Light?

Till now, we have discussed the trac off meaning, causes, repairing cost, etc. Now we’ll see how to fix the TRAC off light:

Start your car by turning it off and then back on. If the traction control warning light does not illuminate, there was a temporary problem in the system, and you should be able to go without incident.

Nonetheless, if the light comes back on and continues to illuminate, you should contact your technician immediately to book a service appointment.

Why Does The TRAC Off Indicator Light Be Essential For The Vehicle?

The traction control system [TRAC] monitors the steering and stability of the vehicle, and it is activated when traction is lost. Specifically, electronic sensors are installed at each of the four wheels, which connect with the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) in order to provide information about steering performance and stability in poor weather situations.

It works by slowing down the engine and identifying which wheel should get braking pressure to keep the car from sliding forward or backward while driving. In order to preserve vehicle stability, the anti-lock braking system and the traction control system operate in concert.

Using the information obtained from electronic sensors regarding the rotational speed of each wheel of the car, the horizontal motion of the vehicle, and the vertical motion of the car, the computer determines the best way to direct the traction control system or the anti-lock braking system to best control the vehicle when it is necessary.


We hope the above-mentioned information about the trac off meaning, causes, repairing cost, how to fix it will be helpful to all. If you have more questions just leave a comment below, and we are really straightforward to help you further.

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