How To Travel Long Distance With A Baby In The Car?

Going on road trips with a baby can be a painful ordeal. It may not be that stressful as on a plane but still tolerating long trips is not something babies can handle. But at least going on road trips in your vehicle is something you can adjust according to the situation. You can take breaks in between to entertain the toddler or bathroom breaks.

There are certain simple things you can do to keep your toddler engaged and not throw a tantrum during long journeys in a car. This article discusses how to travel long distances with a baby in the car so read on!

How To Travel Long Distance With A Baby In The Car?

Are you planning on going on a long road trip in your car but you don’t know how you can manage your toddler while on the trip? If how to travel a long distance with a baby in the car is what is bothering you, here are some things you should know to manage your baby in the car before you take off for the trip.

1. Car Seats: The Most Important Part

You must make sure that your baby is perfectly comfortable in your car before starting the trip. For that, car seats play a very major role. Having perfectly comfortable and safe car seats are very important to keep your baby well inside the car. You can buy separate seats designed for babies from shops so it’s better to buy them than make your baby adjust with the regular car seats. These are designed in such a way that they closely fit the baby inside the seat and they are comfortable in them.

You must follow all the safety measures mentioned in the manual that comes along with these seats to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety. Make sure the straps are tightly but comfortably pulled around the baby. The recommended width between the strap and the baby’s body is your one-finger width.

2. Make The Car Fun

Babies can get bored very easily. You must keep them engaged. Thus you have to do everything to keep the car fun for your baby. They will be interested in a lot of things like another vehicle overtaking yours or anything similar if you can also present these situations interestingly to your baby. This is a very important step in how to travel a long distance with a baby in the car as this is one of the main methods you can incorporate to keep your child engaged. Toys and dolls can also help you in making the car fun for your baby.

3. Schedule Breaks And Naps

Both your baby and child will need enough rest on a long road trip. Thus you have to schedule breaks and naps according to your baby’s normal sleeping schedule. This would help you get your baby to sleep without much effort and you can also rest at this time.

4. Be Prepared

You need to be well prepared for any sort of situation before starting the long road trip in your car. Being prepared for anything is the most key step on how to travel long distance with a baby in the car.

If this is the first long road trip with your baby, you may not be sure if your toddler has travel sickness. So it would be best to have a bucket or something similar, in case your baby gets sick in between the journey. You must also carry prescribed baby-friendly medicines that either prevent travel sickness or stop it in your baby.

It is always best to bring with you a doll or something similar that your baby adores. This will help calm down your baby if they are throwing a tantrum or just to cure their boredom. Also, be ready to pick and pass it over to the toddler whenever she drops it.

Carrying a first aid kit with all sorts of medicine for both you and your kid may come in handy. They must contain every medicine and pills that your baby may need. These can be prescribed fever medicines, plasters or lotions. It is also best to carry with you window shades for your car. If you don’t have them, it is best to buy one as it could be sunny and neither you nor your kid would want sunlight harshly pouring into your car.

You can also carry with you snacks or easily digestible food items that your baby can consume on your road trip. Sometimes long road trips can be laggy and boring and having some snacks to nibble on is gonna help both you and your toddler.

Can I Give My Child Snacks In Between A Road Trip?

It is a common doubt for all concerned parents to know whether it is okay to give their baby snacks while on a road trip. Snacks sure are a nice distraction for your baby and they will keep the baby busy for a while. But there sure is the danger of them choking on the snacks. Thus the general instruction is always to not give snacks to your child in a car. This is because of two main risks. First is of course the risk of choking and being unable to deal with it quickly and second is the accidents that may happen because of less attention in driving while giving your child snacks.

However, you can give your baby snacks if you are in traffic or have pulled over to enjoy good scenery or for a break. It is best to not give snacks to your baby to entertain them while your car is moving. You can use toys or dolls to entertain your baby instead.


Having to take long road trips with your toddler can be tiring and can get unmanageable at times. But if you are careful in planning and are prepared, you can manage the trip pretty well. You will even find the trip enjoyable. This article has explained how to travel long distance with a baby in the car and hopes you will find it helpful on your next trip!

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