How To Travel Long Distances With Multiple Cats?

Cats are lovely domestic beings who love their own home like no one else. They are often termed lazy beings just because they enjoy a nice cost of sleep for hours on their favourite spot inside their home. And even though these beings like taking a good stroll around their territory, they do not enjoy going outside this one bit.

For this same reason and also because cats do not trust a fast-moving covered object, they don’t enjoy travelling long distances. You may be keeping aside long road trips in a car because you have a few cars to think of. But this article is going to save you from distress by discussing how to travel long distances with multiple cats. So read on!

How To Travel Long Distances With Multiple Cats?

It is impossible to travel long distances with a cat, let alone multiple, is the usual myth that is around. But like the saying ‘nothing is impossible, this is also not an impossible task if you give it a try. Cats, if prepared properly will be quite willing for a good road trip with you in your car.

Like how you’d prepare yourself, you should also prepare your fluffballs before a long-distance drive. Good and proper organized planning is important for this and here on how to travel long distances with multiple cats, you can find how to do so properly!

1. Getting Organized And Preparing Well

Are you in the habit of making lists of to-dos or to-takes before going on a long journey? If not, you should seriously consider starting that habit, both for yourself and your cats before going on the scheduled road trip.

a. Prepare Lists And Get Packing Done

Start by preparing two lists, one for you and another for your cat with the important things that you will need for your road trip. Make a detailed list with deadlines to complete different tasks and hold yourself accountable. You have to think about the things to be done and take care of before going on the road trip with your cat.

Put in the list the important things you should take with you on the trip. On your cat’s list, you can put in items like cat food, and other relevant items for your cat. Follow the list well and get the packing done in the U-Haul or with the movers at least a day before the trip.

b. Check The Car

Make sure to get your car checked before setting on a long road trip. A broken-down car in the middle of nowhere with multiple cats is not something you would want. Get an appointment with a mechanic and do a thorough checkup of your car. Make sure your car won’t cause any sort of issue at the time of the journey.

c. Always Have A Plan B

In case the trip didn’t go as smooth as you planned it to be, you always must have a contingency plan. Having a Plan B is a part of preparing well and this will help you not to panic and mess up when things don’t go as planned. After all, anything unpredictable can happen when you are travelling with multiple cats in your car!

2. Purchase Cat Carriers

You have to purchase Cat Carriers depending on the number of cats you have. This is a very important part of how to travel long distances with multiple cats. Make sure the cat carriers are of good quality and have enough room for your cats to stretch their legs, snack at times, etc. Make sure they are cosy for your cats to curl up and sleep very well without any disturbances.

It’s better to buy a waterproof cat carrier in case food, etc spills inside the carrier. Buying a carrier with a very supportive bottom and sides will be the best. This will help keep your cats safe even if the road trip gets too rough.

a. Test Your Cats And The Carriers

After purchasing the carrier, test driving your cats with them might help you know how to manage them and keep them less stressed. You can see if your cats are comfortable inside their respective carriers and make the necessary changes accordingly. Doing this will give you a headstart on knowing how to manage your cats well inside your car on the road trip so this is a compulsory step before setting out on the scheduled long-distance road trip with your cat.

3. Take Planned Breaks In Between

Plan and take stops and breaks in between your long-distance road trips. This can be either a snack break or a litter break for your cats. This will help both you and your cats’ to rest and breathe for a while. Allow some playtime for your cats during this time. This will help them stretch and regain their energy. However, you must have your cats on a leash at this time. There is a chance your cats are stressed after sitting in your car for a while so there is a chance they might run away if they aren’t on a leash.

4. Do Not Hesitate To Stop Overnight

If your road trip takes longer than a day, you should not hesitate to stop overnight at a hotel if necessary. There sure are hotels that let you have pets too in your room, so make sure to choose such a place. This will let both you have and your cats have some proper time with each other. This will also help both of you get proper sleep for another long day on the road.

5. Do Not Forget Your Cat’s Schedule

It sure will be able to follow your cat’s schedule while on a road trip. But you should try your best to follow it well, especially to feed them according to their schedule and give them water at times. Cats are very disciplined animals who love following their schedule and any change in them may lead to them getting frustrated and stressed. So, try following your cat’s schedule as well as you can to keep both you and your cats


Many say travelling your cats on a long-distance road trip can be frustrating, making it almost impossible to do so. But do not fall for such myths and stop you from even giving it a try. This article has explained in detail how to travel long distances with multiple cats. Hope you found it helpful!

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