What Does The Car With A Screw Light Mean?

Modern-day cars come with more features and electronics than ever before. Warning lights illuminate whenever there is a problem with one or more of your vehicle’s functions. In case you’re wondering what does the car with a screw light mean?

In this article, we’ll be discussing this warning light in detail. Let’s get started.

What Does The Car With A Screw Light Mean?

When the check fuel cap light goes on, a leak has been detected by your car’s computer. Usually, your fuel cap is loose, and if it is, tightening your gas cap will solve this. If the cause is not a loose fuel cap, have a mechanic check the issue. Sometimes a leak somewhere in the system can trigger the fuel cap indicator to light up. Whatever the reason is, if your fuel cap indicator light goes on, do not ignore it.

The fuel cap plays a vital role in your car’s fuel system, preventing fuel evaporation and contamination. You’ll notice that when the fuel cap indicator light is on, there will be a reduction in your engine performance, even if it is a very slight one. Your engine will need to work a bit harder, and most likely, your gas mileage will slightly diminish, and you will be releasing toxic gases into the environment.

Where Is Your Gas/Fuel Cap Located?

If you’re wondering what does the car with a screw light mean, and where it is located? Your car will have a fuel pump icon on your dashboard. It will usually have a bold arrow pointing either to the left or right side of the pump. This indicates which side your fuel cap is located on.

Some cars do not have this arrow. You need to check the icon and see where the fuel handle is located. If the handle is on the right, your gas cap will be found on the right side of your car.

The fuel pump icon’s position does not indicate where your gas cap is located. Newer model cars will have the arrow as an indication of the location of the fuel cap.

What Causes the “Check Fuel Cap” Indicator Light to Turn On?

When you have a loose or faulty fuel cap, fuel evaporation takes place and can, in the long run, interfere with the functioning of your engine system. There are various causes of why your indicator light turns on.

These are some of the reasons:

1. Fuel Cap:-

The most common reason is a loose-fitting or faulty fuel cap. The fuel cap is a vital but straightforward car part. Its role is simple. It seals the fuel in the tank and stops it from evaporating. The fuel cap plays an important part in the evaporative emissions system of your vehicle.

2. Catalytic Converter:-

Your catalytic converter can be located near the exhaust outlet underneath your car. The catalytic converter’s purpose is to change the toxic and harmful substances from your car’s exhaust into less harmful substances. The converter changes substances like nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide into carbon dioxide and water vapor before being released into the atmosphere.

3. Fuel Filler Neck:-

The fuel filler neck is the basic entry point for fuel in your car. It serves to bring fuel from the nozzle of the gas pump into your fuel tank. Sometimes, a crack in the fuel filler neck causes the gas to leak.

Hence, these are some causes for your question what does the car with a screw light mean and what are their causes?

How To Reset The Fuel Cap Indicator Light?

1. Turn off your engine. Push the button in your car that fuel cap door if there is a button in your car. If your fuel cap door needs a key, use your key to open the door.

2. Open the fuel cap door, and check that your fuel cap tightens securely every time you close it.

3. If you notice that your gas mileage has reduced, have a mechanic check your catalytic converter.

4. Check also for cracks and leaks. Even a tiny crack can make the fuel cap indicator light up. If you have a faulty fuel cap, replace it immediately.

5. It may take several minutes for your indicator light to turn off after replacing your fuel cap. If your indicator light keeps turning on and then goes off after you tighten the fuel cap, you have a loose or cracked fuel cap, which may need to be replaced.

6. No matter how often you tighten or even replace your fuel cap if the culprit is a crack in the fuel filler neck, that fuel cap indicator light will still turn on. Have a mechanic check your fuel filler neck if your fuel cap light keeps turning on.

Therefore, you can try these steps to reset the fuel cap indicator light.

Is It Safe To Drive With The “Check Fuel Cap” Light On?

Yes, you can still drive with the Check Fuel alert light on. You need to know that going with the fuel cap light on will not harm your engine. Driving with your fuel cap light on will not immediately cause you to lose fuel. The car’s gas tank has a flapper valve that stops fuel from spilling if the fuel cap is missing.

The danger lies in having an ignition source like a lit cigarette come close enough in contact with the fumes escaping from the gasoline tank. So, if your Check Fuel light goes on, you can still drive your car, but you will still need to act on the problem.


The above-mentioned information about what does the car with a screw light mean? we hope this will be helpful to all the readers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section below. We’ll try to solve your doubts as soon as possible.

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