Where To Hit Starter With Hammer?

Are you trying to start your car and have noticed that it won’t start because of a bad starter. Hitting a starter with a hammer can make the starter work again and get your car started. However, you might also be wondering where to hit starter with hammer.

In this article, you will learn how to get your start to work by gently hitting it and also where to hit the starter with a hammer.

How Does The Starter Work?

When you turn the ignition key to the start position via the starter control circuit. The battery voltage activates the starter solenoid, which energizes the starter motor. Furthermore, the starter solenoid moves the starter gear forward so that it meshes with the engine flywheel. For the engine to start, the starter motor turns the engine crankshaft which is attached to the flywheel.

The starter motor has brushes inside it that are made of graphite, which will often wear out as rust deposits accumulate on the bristles. It usually takes a bit of moisture for rust to spread on brushes. If this happens, you must gently tap the top of the starter with a hammer for it to move and re-connect. As soon as it is attached, the starter will be reactivated.

Where Is The Starter Located?

Before discussing about where to hit starter with hammer let’s see where is the starter actually located. The starter is located underneath the left mound of cylinders on your driver’s side, between the transmission and the engine. Furthermore, it is attached to the mounting plates and is held in place by a few bolts and two wires.

What Are The Symptoms Of The Bad Starter?

  1. Your vehicle takes a long time to crank extremely slowly.
  2. Your vehicle won’t start.
  3. The car starts and stops intermittently.
  4. The interior lights dim as soon as you start your car.
  5. When you start driving the car, there is a grinding noise.
  6. The car engine whines or whirls but does not crank.
  7. Even after starting the car engine, the starter continues to run.
  8. There is smoke, or you perceive the smell of something burning.

Where To Hit Starter With Hammer?

How To Fix A Starter With A Hammer?

Have you been wondering where to hit starter with hammer. You can sometimes activate your starter by striking it gently with a hammer on the side. However, when repairing bad starters with a hammer, someone has to hold the key in the start position while another person fixes the starter. Gently hit it against the side of the starter, and the engine will start. It would help if you kept in mind that the tapping needs to be done in a certain way.

This trick is short-lived, so you do not want to rely on it as a long-term solution. However, it is still necessary to perform your car’s essential changes or replacements. The worn-out brushes will start functioning again when you gently strike the starter with a hammer. A sufficient electric contact between the brushes causes the starter to start working again.

However, after applying the trick one time, you must seek professional advice. Furthermore, this technique can only be used in emergencies. Finally, you must visit an auto shop with your car to make the necessary changes.


1. Can You Hit a Starter With a Hammer?

Using a hammer or solid metal object to gently strike the starter can bring it back to life and allow you to reach a mechanic if you notice the symptom of a faulty starter.

2. Where Do You Hit a Starter to Get It Started?

You need to hit the starter on the side to start your car.

3. Does Banging on a Starter Work?

Occasionally hitting the starter will provide enough jolt to the brushes to ensure proper contact with the commutator, allowing electricity to flow.

4. How Many Times Can You Tap on Your Starter?

Tapping your starter four or five times with a hammer or wrench can make it start working again.

5. What Does Tapping on Your Starter Do?

One trick that may help you start your car is striking gently on the rear of the starter. Lightly tapping with a hammer on the starter’s back will return the brushes to their original position so they can make contact again.

6. How Do You Know if Your Starter Is Bad?

When you turn the key or hit the start button, you hear an odd sound. This unusual sound is one symptom of a defective starter. In some cases, a starter may die without any warning, and in others, it may announce its imminent demise with whirring and grinding noises. So pay attention.

7. Why Do You Hit a Starter With a Hammer?

hitting your starter with a hammer can make starter brushes move and reconnect making the starter to be reactivated.


A regular hammer can sometimes be used to activate your starter when it is tapped on its main body rather than any bakelite or plastic parts. We hope the above-mentioned information about where to hit starter with hammer will be helpful to all the readers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section below. We’ll try to solve your doubts as soon as possible.

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