Why Does My Push Start Car Won’t Start?

Your car start button is a convenience that means you can leave your key or fob in your pocket and fire up the ignition as quickly as possible once you’ve slid into the driver’s seat. Like all modern automobile features, however, there’s a chance that one day you might push that button and have nothing happen. Which will definitely keep you wondering why does my push start car won’t start?

In this article, we’ll be discussing this issue in detail. Let’s get started.

Reasons Behind My Push Start Car Won’t Start?

Key fob with keys on it

Having a push-button start in the car is one of our favorite features. The ability to get into your vehicle without having to get your keys out of your purse or pocket. This handy technology recognizes the key fob and will unlock the vehicle once it senses the fob is nearby.

There are a few reasons why the push-button start technology isn’t working properly in your vehicle.

1. Dead Battery:-

This is one of the most common reasons why a key fob might not be working. If your fob is working but your engine won’t crank, your car may have a dead battery. To confirm that this is the problem, use a voltmeter to check the battery voltage. If the battery has less than 12.4 volts, it needs more voltage to start the car.

2. Dead Key Fob:-

A keyless entry system won’t start the engine unless it detects that your key fob is inside the car. If your key fob has a dead battery, the system likely won’t be able to recognize when the fob is inside the car and accordingly won’t start the engine.

3. Bad Starter:-

A bad starter won’t be able to crank your engine. If you suspect that you have a bad starter, attempt to jump it directly.

4. Defective System:-

When the fob and all your car’s parts seem to be in working order, the push-button start system itself may be at fault. Whether there’s a programming issue or a malfunctioning start engine button.

Therefore, these are some basic reasons which kept you fed up figuring out why my push start car won’t start.

What To Do If Your Push Start Car Won’t Start?

Step 1:- 

The good news is replacing the battery is very easy using the instructions in your owner’s manual. In some designs, a dead battery in the fob can prevent the vehicle from starting if the key is in your pocket. However, if you hold it directly against the button, the signal is often strong enough at that short distance to make a connection with the key and get the ignition running. Then, you can go out and buy a new battery or find a fresh fob at the dealership.

Step 2:- 

Insert the ignition key in the on position and put the transmission in neutral gear. Instruct the person outside to push the car forward to gain some momentum. And keep pushing until the vehicle reaches a speed of about 5-10 mph.

Step 3:-

Disengage the clutch and shift into second gear and quickly engage or pop the clutch. When the engine turns over, press gently on the accelerator.

Step 4:-

Once the engine has started, disengage the clutch. And then shift into neutral and keep the engine running for at least a minute before driving.

Step 5:-

You need to open up the fob and find the hidden key. On some vehicles, you can pop off the car start button to reveal a key slot underneath, while others conceal the key slot under a round panel on the steering column, where you would traditionally find it.

Step 6:-

If your vehicle has a customer support line, most of the time the operator will be able to help you start your car, so you can bring it to a dealer and have the key fob or car start button serviced.

To solve this issue which kept you wondering overall why do my push start car won’t start? Don’t let a bad push-button start ruin your day. You need to follow these steps. If you’re unable to solve the issue it’s better to stop your car at your trusted auto care center.


If you’re still wondering why does my push start car won’t start refer to the above-mentioned information that will be helpful to all the readers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section below. We’ll try to solve your doubts as soon as possible.

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