Work For Us

We as a team are continuously expanding. which is why we want you to grow with us too! At YourBHP you will have an exponential learning curve as we scale our business to the next level.

We are currently hiring for the following roles:

1. Growth Marketer:

Looking for someone with:

  • Comfortable working in an ambiguous environment.
  • Ability to work overtime, the eagerness to complete the tasks.
  • Demonstrated ability of ownership.
  • Have handled over $50K monthly marketing budgets.

2. Digital Marketing Executive:

Looking for someone with:

  • Who is out of box thinker and looks for growth hacks, tools on how the platform can be scaled from X to 5X.
  • Working closing with VP of Sales and CXO of the company.
  • Expertise in both Paid Channel management and organic modes of marketing.