Why Does Oil Space Heater Making Clicking Noise?

Imagine outside’s weather is cold. You have a cup of hot coffee on the table, and you’re covered with your favorite blanket ready to enjoy the new web series, but when you turn on your space heater, it makes a sudden clicking sound that scares you. How can you enjoy the weather when you’re distracted by the noise? If you’re wondering why does your oil space heater making clicking noise every once in a while.

We have answers for you it is due to the expansion of the thermal fluid. Where heat is transferred over to whatever is allowing it to create higher temperatures.

Why Does Oil Space Heater Making Clicking Noise?

Although we went over the clicking noise issue, it is necessary to go over all of it in more detail so that you are entirely aware of what may or may not happen. However, all of the possible reasons for oil heaters clicking are:

1. Air bubbles:-

As you maneuver the oil heater around, the oil can shake, which essentially causes bubbles to form due to the air coming into its space. When it gets heated up, the bubbles get larger and burst, which will make a clicking noise.

2. Tiny metal pieces:-

During the heating process, there may be microscopic metal components that will cause popping but should stop once the radiator warms up.

3. Water and oil mixture:-

When you assemble the radiator in humid air, water vapor gets into the heater, creating a crackling noise. When it is turned off, the water is cooled, and the water is condensed more.

4. Loose Screws:-

When there are loose screws in your heater’s housing, the parts keep bumping into each other, making a noise. Check all the screws in the housing and brackets if your heater is mounted on the wall. If they aren’t fastened securely, the continuous vibration will make the components knock against each other, adding up to the noise.

5. 2-Point Control System:-

Most oil space heaters use a 2-point control system to regulate the temperature and prevent overheating. There is an electric switch relay wherein two pieces of metal bump into each other each time the switch is turned on and off when the temperature drops below or rises above the desired level. This is what causes the clicking sounds that you hear.

Therefore, if the popping or clicking sound continues to happen after the initial heating itself is completely done. This could be due to an electrical connection and is extremely dangerous. Keep in mind never attempt to use the radiator if it continues to click, as this could cause a short circuit and a fire.

Is It Normal For Oil Heaters To Make Clicking Or Popping Noises?

Most space heaters are made up of metal components and have a metal enclosure. The metal expands when heated and contracts once it cools. This is what causes the popping or clicking sound. It is entirely normal for these noises such as gurgling, clicking, or popping sounds to occur. This means that the metal and oil are both warming up, which is a good thing.

Aside from being a natural reaction to changes in temperature, some components are bound to create sounds as they operate. But the sounds they make are very different from the loud popping, clicking, gurgling, or squealing noises of a broken transformer. It’s best to know the difference between these sounds so that you know if you should be worried or not.

How To Fix An Oil Space Heater’s Clicking Noise Issue?

Every problem usually has a solution, isn’t it? Yes, it is let’s get a detailed format of the solution to the oil space heater making clicking noise issue. Not everyone likes the clicking noises that oil heaters make, even though it occurs for the first few minutes. If you are used to a home with little to no noise, it can be relatively frustrating to deal with overall.

Step 1:-

First of all, it is important to note that the oil being used will not explode, all of those worries about if they may explode or not should get out of your head immediately. You can safely leave them unattended, unlike many other radiators.

Step 2:-

Just make sure you look for an oil heater that has overheat protection or a tilt switch so that it can turn off whenever it starts to overheat. However, just make sure that there is no oil leakage due to the casing being damaged. There will typically be a visual if this were the case.

Step 3:-

There is a need to check the connection’s security and clean the wires if they are not damaged. If the wire has become too weak, then a replacement is needed. With the copper, make sure you renew the welded steel contacts.

Step 4:-

Check the power switch if the main power supply is still working, check to see if the switch is working properly or not. It can easily be done by connecting something else to the switch and seeing if it works.

Step 5:-

On the contrary, you can fully replace the convector to save you from the annoying noises, if you wish to go that route. It may very well be more cost-effective to get an entirely new one than to have someone fix the issue at hand.

Step 6:-

You need to unplug your heater and check the fuse box for any blown fuses that might have caused the oil space heater making clicking noise. You are going to replace or restart the fuse. Plug your device back in after doing this.

Hence, these are some helpful tricks that you can use to correct the issue of the oil space heater making clicking noise.


In the summer season, oil heaters click because of the air bubbles when you maneuver them around, water and oil mixture from when being initially installed, or tiny metal pieces that go into the oil itself which leads to the oil space heater making clicking noise. If this problem continues to do so, and in this case, get a professional involved or replace the item in its entirety.

We hope the above-mentioned information will be helpful to all the readers. If anybody’s doubts persist feel free to comment in the comment section below. We’ll definitely try to solve your doubts as soon as possible.

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